Yeah, it’s over


Code Geass is over, done with, there will be nothing else that we can watch coming from Sunrise (besides the DVD specials, but those don’t count)….

For some reason that just doesn’t feel right…

When I first heard of Code Geass, I just though:”hmm” and skipped right past it. But then, for some odd reason, I just went ahead and watched it, unaware that the season finale had yet to air. I was interested for the first couple of episodes, started liking it after episode 8, and after episode 12 I was addicted. Along with the good people on the internet I waited for the season finale, then the second season. I cheered, I boo-ed, I prayed that Suzaku would die, and enjoyed the ride. Now that it’s over, I will mourn, but I will also look forward to the fall season (which has already started airing).

Goodbye Code Geass, Goodbye…

(hey hey hey, don’t think that this is the last post about Code Geass coming from me, I still have a series review coming up!)


3 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s over

  1. I’ve taken on the same attitude as you. 😛 Except I only recently watched it, like last week. And I loved it.

    😛 Different from blissmo’s opinion..

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