Clannad anime/game opening comparasion

It’s pretty interesting how the girls change, especially Nagisa, who went from a short girl with no chest whatsoever to a girl who’s of a normal height and a pretty good figure. A thank-you goes to NNL, who had subbed the game op!

Is this signaling some kind of trend where a flat chested girl just isn’t marketable anymore?!?! What a cruel and unjust world…..

Of course, all 3 ops had their own merits, but I think that the newest one is the most stylish and the on that had the most budget poured into it. (You can’t really tell from these screen shots, but it’s really well animated and deserves to be watched in Blue ray).

Now all I have to do is wait for the translation of the game to finish and for the anime to air in HQ… oh who am I kidding, that’s not going to happen for a LONG, LONG TIME…


3 thoughts on “Clannad anime/game opening comparasion

  1. @FuyuMaiden: Thank you! And I am pulling my ears out and listening for news of Clannad in HQ as we speak.
    @Deadguy: Oh boy… There is no finished and group approved translation patch for Clannad in ANY language. Sure, the one at Baka tsuki works, but I’m waiting for something that had been edited and will work on the full voice version.

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