Yeah, it’s gundam


It’s here, I like it, but I’m not blogging it. I really wanted to write something, but I can’t find anything to say about it besides this:

Pretty much everything’s pretty.

The annoying characters are still annoying.

I hate time skips (what happened to that boyish cuteness that Setsuna used to have? He’s starting to look bad now. Thankfully his voice is still amazing).

I STILL have a hard time accepting that fact that she’s a girl, so when I heard her voice I kinds twitched. A little.)

I wanted to post more screenshots but my computer’s dying on me. Hopefully I can fix that in the near future ( I couldn’t believe that it actually lagged when playing Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka, you KNOW that your computer’s in trouble when it lags when playing a low budget harem series).


12 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s gundam

  1. Oh man, I LOVE time skips. But anyhow, I’m not watching this. And it’s up to you whether you want to blog it or not. Anyhow, still a ton of other series out there! :]

  2. @Hoshi: I KNOW. I told myself that I’d watch no more than 5 shows this season……. I’ve already passed that quota and half of the season isn’t even out yet………

    @Theanimanachronism: Badass, yes, but he looked prettier when he was younger!

    @jayers: I’m not a guy, I don’t care.

  3. I’m a girl and I love Gundam, hell I love Mecha!

    Does that make you and I weird Choux?

    And I’m totally with you on the number of shows, god so many to watch dammit!

  4. There are 3 things that I don’t believe in: good, evil, and normality. We aren’t that weird, it’s just that men had brainwashed society into thinking that it’s weird to like robots and things like that. Do not fall for their schemes……

  5. I never came to like Gundam because of it’s Seravee and 00 stuffs but because of the issues that the series is covering. As for Gundam 00, it’s the problem for energy consumption that led to the drastic war involving many citizens such as the protagonists. Anyway, since the robots are with the action, I also came to like them as the series progressed but I was merely interested by the plot during first episodes of the first season.

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