My fingers are in pain….

This picture has nothing to do with this post

Anyway, my fingers are in pain because:

1) A person whom I won’t name caught me in a death grip which deprived my arm of blood to the point that my hand was stark white.

2) It’s COLD. I know that cold doesn’t really come to Vancouver, but apparently it didn’t get the memo for the past couple of years. Now my fingers are kinda numb.

3) I spent 20 minutes trying to untangle a bunch of plastic and metal that was stuck together with the stubbornness of a 3 years old boy with OCD.

4) I was trying to type up a serious post (yeah, it was actually serious, which explained why I had so much trouble) but then I didn’t like it and re-did it only to have my computer die and eat it.



6 thoughts on “My fingers are in pain….

  1. @Hoshi: I have 2 pairs of gloves and 1 pair of mittens. The mittens don’t fit my hand anymore, the first pair of gloves are missing, the second pair has holes in it. It’s the fate of students, I hope that you understand.

  2. Eep Choux that sounds horrible!

    I hope you warm up soon and boo on the person who put you in a death grip.

    I have to admit I love winters, they remind me of good times in England. Plus I’m such a hot blooded person that its nice to be cool for some of the year.

    I’m always soooooo hot in Summers I feel like I’m overheating half the time.

    And I hear you on the computer, ever since my comp downloaded service patch 3 its been acting all goofy.

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