Naruto 419 – Attack.

The three stooges.

I know, I know this is late, in my defense I’ve been battling a temporary crown that didn’t want to stay in and earlier in the week the dentist decided to fix the bite on a filling he’d repaired and I’ve been in excruciating pain ever since. Think of having a hole in your tooth, then imagine someone taking a hot poker or something similar and stabbing it in that hole. That might come close to the constant pain I’ve got going on in that tooth right now.

Sadly the situation can’t be remedied until monday since no one in the office will be available til then. So this post is brought to you by a Sakura doped up on painkillers, unfortunately they aren’t strong enough, so this post may be short and or full of mistakes.

Now to the subject at hand, Pein (God I hate that word right now, PAIN) is literally at Konoha’s door and along with Konan and his other bodies, begins to formulate a plan to infiltrate the leaf village.

Actually in Naruto these guys make it the six stooges.

It appears that Pein’s other bodies don’t have names so much as they have designations sorted out in ‘realms’ which he separates out into two teams. He assigns diversions to demon realm, animal realm and hungry ghost realm. Whilst recon is left to God realm, Human realm and Hell realm with the final addition of Konan.

It seems that Konoha is protected by a spherical barrier which envelopes the village from all sides, meaning that any unwanted intruder would be detected immediately. Kisame and Itachi were able to pass through it undetected due to the fact the latter used to be in a Konoha assassination squad. Though you would think once he left, they’d have changed something about it in case he ever tried to come back in right?

And here we… go!

But Pein has a plan to throw them off. Animal realm will enter from above and then call forth summons which will make it hard for Konoha to ascertain the number of intruders correctly.

The least he could have done was ask your name first!

The attack begins and Pein’s other selves wreak havoc all over Konoha as they try to glean information about the kyuubi from those they come across.

And behold, the slowest team in history.

Well really they are, I mean by the time these guys get their ass to the 8 tails, Akatsuki will have left him an empty shell. Or maybe not if Sasuke has anything to do about it… Hopefully they’ll get the message to Tsunade nice and quickly although with Pein around that might prove to be difficult.

Of course they may not have to worry too much about Killerbee since it appears Sasuke is on his side. Zetsu’s two sides argue as they try to extract the 8 tails from Killerbee with one side irritated that it takes so long with so few of them.

Ick, there is just nothing pleasant about tentacles!

Kisame sees a tentacle break off from the 8 tails and remarks that Sasuke must have made a mistake. The tentacle falls away and Killerbee emerges from it and very happy with himself for thinking of the plan on the fly.

The 8 tails isn’t quite as pleased considering he had to lose a few limbs in order for killerbee to gain his freedom. Although it appears he’s not just happy to be free from the Akatsuki but also from his own village. It seems the Raikage kept a tight reign on him and killerbee wants a break from defending the village for a while.

Of course the 8 tails points out that he’s being pretty carefree, its not like Akatsuki will just let him go. That and summoning him meant that killerbee had to use a lot of his strength.

Killerbee says that he got carried away but the Sharingan user was the strongest he’d ever fought against.

The 8 tails muses that perhaps a new era is coming and next week apparently Pein continues to ravage Konoha…

So honestly who thinks Sasuke actually made a mistake? I think he let Killerbee get away on purpose…


8 thoughts on “Naruto 419 – Attack.

  1. Just wait till you see the next chapter! ;] It’s gonna be REALLY REALLY exciting, I can’t wait XD Kinda like Bleach, which is getting crazy too right now~

  2. jeez

    I’m starting to think the naruto fillers created “too big of a gap”.

    since the next ep is gonna be all about how great Asuma was all that…

    @___@ gah, i’m sick of being left behind!! I’ma go read the mangas!!

    ty Sakura

  3. @ Hoshi and 7, I actually did read it yesterday morning, but had a nasty reaction to the painkillers I’m on right now. Monday cannot come soon enough!

    But yes I agree, its finally underway. Still Kakashi-sensei better be okay dammit!

    @ Epicoffee, yeah I understand they don’t want to catch up with the manga so soon. But the length to which they stretch some of it out borders on the ridiculous and well boring. I wouldn’t blame you for reading ahead!

    You’re welcome!

  4. I’d honestly like to believe Sasuke made a huge mistake and just got one pulled over on him (doesn’t like Sasuke) but he probably knew something like that was going to happen.

  5. I think Sasuke is dead serious about killing the members of the council along with Danzou who had a direct link to what happened to Itachi and his clan.

    I just don’t think the he wants to destroy the entire village. I think his little flashback to his old team proves that.

    He still harbors those bonds, whether he admits it aloud or not. Now that Itachi is dead, sticking close to Akatsuki is the only way he can protect what was/is precious to him and what was precious to his brother.

    And letting the 8 tails get away is probably a way to stall for time without appearing too suspicious.

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