The World is Filled with the Voices of Death

Casshern Sins is depressing; it’s like an emotional roller coaster. And it’s only the second episode. But it tacks on good themes, and that’s what I like about it.

This week’s beginning also reminds us of Casshern killing someone called Luna, which supposedly is the cause of the destruction of the world. This episode also brings an introduction to a new companion of Casshern’s. Friender looks pretty much the same as he did back then, but much cooler, in a different animation style.

Casshern is seen talking to the lady from last week’s episode in the beginning. Although she says she wishes to kill him, she does not – only because she says killing Casshern when he does not remember anything is meaningless. Wanting to him to suffer, she says she will come back to kill him when he regains his memories.

Casshern is left to wander the world again, and he ends up saving two robots from getting killed. Apparently, even though these two are robots, they are in love. Although this is a deviant from the norm, these robots say that together, they can feel human and finally die from ruin. They take Casshern back to their “village”, not knowing who Casshern really is.

At the “village”, Casshern sees that all the inhabitants are robots, and all are dying from rust and ruin. The only inhabitant not yet rusting is the robotic dog, Friender. (I keep wanting to say “Friendster”.) The robots, seeing how Friender is alike to Casshern, tell Casshern to keep Friender company, and to take the dog with him on his travels.

Even though all the inhabitants of this robot village say they are willing to peacefully die, awaiting their own ruin/rust, the inherent feeling of theirs (and as should be any human’s) is to survive. It’s kind of sad to see how much at peace these robots were, until they learned of who Casshern really is. Believing the rumor that eating Casshern will allow them to gain eternal life (which is complete bull), the whole village gangs up on Casshern.

Casshern tells them to stop, but his efforts are futile. Overtaken by their wishes to survive, the robots do not listen to him. Some kind of switch turns on in Casshern (it seems as if he can’t control it), and he massacres the whole village. The last survivor, the girl robot who he saved in the beginning, blames his existence for this ruin. In the end, Casshern is left standing amongst all the bodies, asking himself, “Robots who believed in eternity continue to die, but I…”


I really can’t say that the village robots were greedy in wanting to eat and kill Casshern. Driven by their apathy and their helplessness in having to watch their own comrades just die, their hope is to survive. And at this point, any shread or rumor of hope is good enough for them. That being said, it’s really sad to see how peaceful they were before meeting Casshern. It seems as if Casshern will forever be the blame for all the sins of the world.

I’m looking forward to next week, because instead of a robot’s perspective, Casshern is destined to meet a human in the next episode. I’m wondering if it’ll be the same perspective for the human as is the robot’s. Anyhow, sorry for the crap summary. (I wrote this in like a couple of minutes.)

ZOMG! It's a human!!

ZOMG! It's a human!!


4 thoughts on “The World is Filled with the Voices of Death

  1. I agree that we can feel some sympathy for the robots. The doctor said that becoming mortal made them feel like humans and, for better or for worse, survival instinct seems to be a pretty human thing. (I wonder how much of that last sentence is conditioned by just having rewatched Infinite Ryvius.)

  2. @The Animanachronism: hmm, I have never seen Infinite Ryvius, so I wouldn’t know, sorry. :]

    @Choux: Alright. I’ll let you know at the end. 😛 But I can say it’s started out well.

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