Chaos; head was…

Strange, to say the least. I was expecting something similar to Tsukihime, but instead got Welcome to the NHK with blood. Since I really disliked Welcome to the NHK, this is a really bad thing. The main character has an annoying personality and a whiny voice, and the other characters aren’t the most interesting either. You’ve got your klutzy older woman, energetic younger sister, and a mysterious girl who you KNOW is going to be the love interest. Thrown in some bad character designs, a really bad ending song, and deaths scenes that should have more blood, I’m not sure if I’m going to watch the next episode anymore. Also, I have a question for any male readers: why do guys find those klutzy characters so likable?

I’m sorry, as a girl I cannot understand the appeal.

Now on the the good points. The premise is very interesting, and they obviously have a pretty good budget. the background music is very fitting and the opening song is well done. If the main character does something interesting in the next episode then I’ll definitely keep watching.


7 thoughts on “Chaos; head was…

  1. I liked “Welcome to NHK” a lot. The plot was interesting and was funfilled throughout the series.
    This one on the other hand looks a bit mediochre. Will watch another episode or two before dropping it.

    why do guys find those klutzy characters so likable?

    Hmm. Well, maybe they’re the kind of guys who’re usually never in control and are thinking they can control klutzy characters, for once.

  2. You have to think about why a guy would want a girl at all. Some guys want to win a girl, and so we have tsundere. Some guys simply want lots of girls, and so we have harem anime. Some guys want a girl to love him no matter what happens, so we have romance.

    And some guys want to save a girl, so we have the klutz.

  3. Death scenes with not enough blood? 10 inch nails pounded into a guy and a girl covered in blood herself, and that’s not enough? You’re almost as blood-hungry as blissmo.

  4. NOOOOOOO. You disliked NHK ni Youkoso!? I loved that series. This one’s way worse though, I think. Taku seems 100 times more pathetic than Satou.

    But yeah the ending song was horrible. This show was a let down. On another note, I’m agreeing with Omisyth. LOL, even Ga-rei Zero didn’t have as much blood. Well, it did, but I think it was more censored.

  5. @Naresh and Hoshi: My problem with NHK is that I liked the characters too much and I just couldn’t bear to see them go through all the crap they were taking. It’s been 2 years since I last touched it so my feelings just kinda muddled into dislike.

    @Ōkami-kun: I guess that makes sense…..

    @omisyth: Yeah. I have to admit, I LOVED x/1999 and kara no kyoukai, the only reason I read Kenshin was because I saw a scan of Karou’s death scene.

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