Ef stands for……..

Eternal friendship, edible fruits, enigmatic fish, energetic fun, escalflowne, eternal feather, emotional flutter, europhic field, ever forever, ebullient future, and Ef, ~a tale of melodies. I’ve been waiting for this for FOREVER and the first episode doesn’t disappoint.

The best part: Mizuki and heavenly closet.

1 sentence summary: Err… There’s a guys who seems to know a girl in the past, and in the present Mizuki is living with Renji while slowly but surely developing a relationship with his neighbor who has a costume fetish?

It’s hard to summarize Ef.

Oh, and am I the only one who feels like the city’s name is weird? When Yu started to talk about Otowa, I thought he was talking Ottawa. It’s nice to see that SHAFT hadn’t given up on the visual effects. I think that they gives the graphics a fresh feeling. I don’t think the graphics are the greatest ever, overall it’s too shiny and the color balance needs to be adjusted. But minor problems, the majority of the scenes look stunning. Normally I’d take offense in his sexist remarks, but Kuze is surprisingly funny. A lot of fans (Chinese fans, at least) are cheering for Yuuko. I was never really fond of her in the first season, so I’ll have to see. I’m guessing that this is Hiro’s older sister and the tsundere of the series. I’m not sold on her character design or personality. Hopefully I’ll start to like her later. A new love triangle to replace the old one? Excellent! Methods of saving on budget: forget about drawing the ctual person and make the most well animated shadow ever. Pretty….. Also very pretty. I think that the studio did a better job with backgrounds than last season. If we’re lucky this trend’s going to continue with the rest of the episodes. I liked how this situation almost mirrors Hiro and Miyako’s first encounter. If you don’t remember, they also walked by the beach. There’s a really nice twist here and I’m looking forward to the drama that’s surely going to happen in the future. The opening song was sang by the same person who sang the ops to the first season and the games. Personally, I dislike her voice and think that she doesn’t deserve the beautiful melodies in the song, but please, don’t kill me over that. The animation is done stylishly, typical of shaft. The one complaint that I have is that there are random German words all over the place and I wish I knew what they meant.

When the 2 girls burst into feathers, the animation was very fluid and beautiful. Now if only there was a studio with enough money to do that with the people actually drawn out… Maybe in a few years I’ll get my wish granted.

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but this is a replication of a scene from the opening video of the first game. But unlike the anime, in the game Yu was holding Yuuko’s hand.

HURRAY FOR MIZUKI! I really like her character and I’m sad about what’s going to happen to her. I didn’t mean to see spoilers but when you’re poking around forums sopilers are innevetiable.

This guy reminds me of several people. Suginami (you know, that best friend character from D.C.II),  that best friend guy from shuffle, and Sunohara. I say Sunohara because seems like a complete moron who id going to have no chance at love.

NOW ANNOUNCING! THE GREAT GAME OF I SPY IN KAZU’S CLOSET! I spy with my little eye…….. Da capo, To heart, Fate stay night, and HIgurashi. What about you?

I knew it, he’s dying.

Mizuki is, in my opinion, one of Naru Nanao’s best works and the most interesting character in the story. From now on I will post a little Mizuki montage for every episode that I watch.

I am very curious as to what the masks mean. Is he hiding his pain? His illness? Or something else? I hope he doesn’t die in the end (I’m not the only one who’s getting Code Geass vibes, am I?).

Overall, a very enjoyable episode that had a lot of substance. I wish the next episode would just air already…


5 thoughts on “Ef stands for……..

  1. It’s hard to summarize Ef.

    So..so true.

    Anyhow, I told somebody else how it’s surprising for them not to include erotic fantasies from the list of what Ef stands for, after all the things we saw and heard in Episode 1.

  2. @the animanachronism: Ah, I forgot about bleach…
    @Hoshi: I have to agree that it started out weak, but it’s one of the best rated romance series EVER, and it’s short. Please just give it a chance.

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