Inocentius, King of Witch Hunting

News from To Aru Majutsu no Index. The cute-looking teacher smokes?!

There isn’t much to say about this week, except for Steel and Toma’s fight lasted the entire episode. Everything seems to be going according to the manga.

Steel Magnus. (Spelling?) A red-haired dude dressed in black robes with a barcode underneath his right eye. He likes smoking, and what’s really weird is the fact that in Wiki, it says he’s 14 years old. … Maybe I missed this fact when I was reading the manga?

Anyhow, Steel’s a mage. Supposedly, as we are introduced to this episode, magic is for the people who don’t have any special powers whatsoever, but wanted to be like those who had that power. So basically, anyone with a special power like Toma’s won’t be able to use magic at all.

Steel is there to retrieve Index, and decides to take out Toma as well. (I say “retrieve”, because even though Steel keeps up the facade that he believes Index is only an object to him, in reality, he does care for her.)

Steel decides to bring out Inocentius, when he realizes he can’t just defeat Toma because of Toma’s powers. And even though Toma tries, he can’t take out Inocentius with his powers. As he is fighting, Index wakes up and tells him that only if all the runes are destroyed, then Inocentius will be unbeatable. Toma, unsure of how to defeat Inocentius, decides to run away.

However, about to do so, he realizes that he cannot just leave Index alone, and that even if she is a stranger, he wants to help her. Even if this means following her to the “ends of Hell”. Toma turns back, and sets off the fire alarm, which makes the sprinklers turn on all around the dorm. Steel says he is stupid, trying to erase Inocentius’ fire, which cannot happen. Toma tells Steel that his ultimate goal wasn’t to erase Inocentius’ fire, but the runes instead. Steel, saying that water cannot harm the runes, laughs and tells Inocentius to destroy Toma. Toma vanquishes Inocentius with his powers, and tells Steel that water destroys the ink on the runes, and thus, it is his victory. He takes out Steel with a punch.

Meanwhile, Index is bleeding to death. Because of his powers, Toma cannot do anything to help Index. In fact, his nullification powers may actually undo any healing that Index may be trying. Thus, Toma takes her to his cute teacher’s place, and asks the teacher to help Index. He then runs away, angry at his own helplessness in being unable to help Index. Above all this, a mysterious (and HOT) swordsman observes.


  • I think Steel is pathetic. (He was taken out with a punch…) And his appearance is weird.
  • Introduction to Kaori Kanzaki, who should appear next episode!! She’s badass.
  • I’m interested in seeing how Toma’s powers will grow. Hopefully like Kanou Taisuke’s in Alive: The Final Evolution.

4 thoughts on “Inocentius, King of Witch Hunting

  1. Dammit, maybe I’ll put this on my list of crap to watch when I’m off over Christmas or something. Just too damn much to fit it.

    As it is I haven’t done a summary for half the shows I listed and probably won’t.

    So y’all may have to just make do with Toradora and Skip Beat I can at least keep up with those.

    Work and my damn tooth are kicking my ass right now.

    But, but swordfighting, now I wants to watch it…

  2. Haha, yeah. I totally know what that feeling’s like. It’s okay, it’s really up to you what you feel like blogging, and what you want to write on. :] Besides, I’m sure if you don’t cover it, someone else will? I hope everything works out fine for you, anyhow!

  3. I don’t like women who drink and smoke, but if they’re lolis, that’s a totally new thing altogether. Redhead is almost as annoying as Luke, though a lot less weaker.

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