Hot soup on a cold day

That’s what Clannad feels like. And you know, with the temperature here dropping like the stocks, a good bowl of hot soup is just what I need.

The best part: Sunohara, of course! I’m torn between him and Suginami when it comes to the award for the best halirious side character.

1 Sentence summary: Sunahara’s looking for a fake girlfriend to assure Mei that he’s going down the right path of life, he ends up with Sanae (I told you so).

I will never get tired of the fantasy world. It’s just so beautiful and well animated.

Can Misae’s story get animated next? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease? To those of you who are curious, her story’s that of tragic love with the cat. It’s good, trust me.

Tomoya with a devilish idea is a good Tomoya.

That looks strangely like Kyonko.

There are so many comments one can insert here:

“Onii-chan, did you just say that you want to date ME?”

“You mean that thing I just ate WASN’T meatloaf?”

“Huh? I’m not your blood related sister?’

“Ack, I accidentally took glue instead of my eye drops!”

“I couldn’t join Saimoe because I didn’t show up enough?”

“… I think I just died from the bread……”

For some reason wordpress has a grudge against Mei. Her two pictures took me 9 upload attempts before it worked.

Tomoya is blushing. This is not right.

This is one of the only times where I have seen a studio change the hairstyle of a girl in an anime which is an adaption. You have to admit that she looks good.

The first glittery scene in the season, and it is GOOD.

This feels like Welcome to the NHK all over again. I KNOW that everything’s going to go wrong, I KNOW that he really loves her, I KNOW that I don’t want to see what happens next but I just can’t help it.

I think that Mei probably knows that Sunohara is lying, but then she’ll lie to make him feel better. Now that I think about it, I wonder why the two siblings live apart in the first place…

This was definitely enjoyable, but it’s only a set up episode after all. What I’m really looking forward to is the next episode, which seems to be serious with some character developpement for Sunohara! This might sound weird, but I’m looking forward to the tear jerking parts of the story.


7 thoughts on “Hot soup on a cold day

  1. Hot soup on a cold day, that’s a perfect way to explain it. I always feel so much better after watching Clannad.

    Actually wordpress was being picky with my Mei pictures too. I couldn’t get 2/3 of them up easily. One took about five or so tries before I gave up (then it just showed up when I published it anyway).

    And oh god Misae’s story too. Now I want Yukine and Sanae’s arcs in there somehow. There better really be 24 episodes…

  2. @FuyuMaiden: well, sanae doesn’t have her own story, but there will be dire consequences if there are less than 24 episodes! From the looks of it Yunike’s story’s getting animated though.

  3. Yeah, it’s cool how Nagisa changed her hairstyle. And yes, it looks good XD.

    Can we have a Nishina arc? You know, the girl who lent Kotomi the violin? She’s my favourite character, woot! I’m actually being serious, too. Oh and Yukine too :3.

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