Naruto – 420

A gathering of hosts.

So, I love this chapter. Why might you ask? Simple, because there is KAKASHI-SENSEI! Don’t ask me why I adore the lazy-eyed, spikey haired, porn reading, masked ninja so much, I just do dammit.

Maybe its because behind that lackadaisical manner of his is one sharp cookie. He is the very epitome of look underneath the underneath. Everyone always talks about Itachi the genius, forgetting that Kakashi too rose through the ninja ranks at a very young age. Even before he gained the Sharingan he was well on his way to becoming one heck of a ninja.

His skills are exceptional, his mind every bit as calculating as that of an Uchiha. Kakashi-sensei is one guy you don’t mess with. This is a man who forged his own way into gaining the mangenkyo Sharingan. And OMG if you kill him Kishimoto, I swear I’ll never ever forgive you!

Kakashi to the rescue

The copy ninja in action

Unfortunately he never gets to look cool for long before something like this usually happens.

So Pein comes across Iruka sensei and is about to try and glean information about Naruto the hard way, since Iruka will tell him nothing of his favourite student. Kakashi-sensei however steps in just in time, telling Iruka to take the injured man nearby and get out of dodge.

Kakashi takes on Pein by himself and quickly realizes that Pein’s plan was to create distractions and then gather information on Naruto. Kakashi attempts to hit Pein with a Raikiri but its somehow dodged. Pein seems honoured to meet Kakashi and asks him about Naruto, when our masked Sensei tells him that its a stupid question he is thrown back. It seems Pein was able to repel the Raikiri Kakashi was charging. Noooooooooooo Kakashi-sensei, please be okay!

Sage mode Naruto. Really Kishimoto, really?

Part Fox Demon, part frog, all NARUTO!

Naruto’s sage training meanwhile is progressing very well, but of course there is still one more matter at hand! Fukusaku tells Naruto that they will have to merge!!! Which of course makes Naruto freak out and imagine weird things, until Fukusaku explains its more like fusion.

He’ll be on Naruto’s shoulder just like he was with Jiraiya. That way since in order to build natural power, Naruto must be still. Fukusaku can distract when Naruto needs to be still.

Back in Konoha it seems Shizune has discovered something during the autopsy. Within the corpse is a chakra receiver and its currently receiving, understanding what this means Shizune realizes they must alert Tsunade.

Everyone else realizes the same thing, given the big distractions Pein is causing.

Tsunade’s orders.

Tsunade puts out the call for Konoha to go on a alert and for Naruto to be called back!

So things are really starting to get moving and I can’t wait to read next week’s chapter since hopefully we’ll get to see Naruto whup some ass!


14 thoughts on “Naruto – 420

  1. Couldn’t really care much for what happened in this chapter, really. What, one Pein clone has a freaking energy bazooka on his head that can destroy a large part of a village? NO THANKS. Seems like Kishi is making Pein too damn strong. Immortal + six bodies + mastery of all ninujutsu + super special awesome eyes?

    Still, if there was a redeeming quality to this chapter, it was the spread. Seeing all of the hosts in one picture was marvelous and fabulous. Especially seeing as most of the buggers are dead and won’t been seen anymore. For me, 5, 6 and 7 stand out. Especially 6. I don’t know why. Dude seems… so relaxed and out-of-place among all the others, in a way.

  2. Oh man was Kakashi hot. :] I hope he makes it out alright.

    And I LOVED that first picture, was hoping you would put it up! Anyways, now everything’s gonna rock, cause it’s all gonna be the big action.

  3. Hmmmm, if there was a poll would you want Kishimoto to tell each of the “Tails” fight against Akatsuki or did u like the way he did it?

  4. @ maggeh, sometimes I wonder about that. He’s pretty much done the same thing with Sasuke too. I mean he’s all powerful on his own, then he gains Itachi’s powers and he can suppress the Kyuubi.

    Hopefully Naruto’s SAGE POWER will be enough to trump Pein, didn’t work out too well for Jiraiya though…

    To be honest as I said, for me this chapter didn’t do much except I got to fangirl over Kakashi! XD

    I have to agree seeing them all was nice, I like the designs for 5 and 6.

    @ Hoshi, I do too! Or I’ll be really unhappy! Besides it would be wrong for Naruto to lose two sensei’s right? Hehe of course THAT picture HAD to go up! 🙂

    @frog212, I kind of like the way he did it, that spread is really cool to look at. But I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about 5 ad 6. They just look cool!

  5. I don’t really feel like Sasuke’s been overpowered. And this is something coming from a Sasuke fan.

    Sasuke barely beat Itachi, and it’s highly suggested that Itachi let him win. And, as shown in the battle against the Hachibi, even with a team of Jugo, Karin and Suigetsu, he barely wins with the Amaterasu, which he simply got from Itachi. And even then, it’s not really a win, seeing as Killer Bee managed to get away in the end.

    Plus, it’s implied that he’s also inherited Itachi’s bad vision. Dude can’t even pick up a cup properly. And you know you’re a ninja failure when you miss an inanimate cup on a table. XD

  6. @ maggeh, Oh I totally agree with you on the fight with Itachi. Itachi had already given some of his power to Naruto and we later learned he was sick at that point. So Sasuke wasn’t really fighting his brother when he was at his strongest.

    I imagine if Sasuke had been going up against the Itachi of old the outcome would have been very different. Its sort of annoying that he just had that all handed to him instead of having to work for it. But I guess with Akatsuki pretty much at Konoha’s door Itachi couldn’t wait around for Sasuke to learn those techniques.

    Killer Bee does acknowledge though that the reason he had to call on the Hachibi was because Sasuke was strong. I’m also still thinking that maybe Sasuke slipped up on purpose during the transfer and let Killer Bee escape.

    Haha, just as long as the cup doesn’t crack before he’s finally able to grasp it. That would be a very bad ninja omen 😀

  7. HEy whazzz up?? hehehe, it has been a while now.. Ok lets start discussing.. 🙂

    First of all, Naruto has to be stronger than Jiraiya sama, heck, more stronger than his father if he wants to win agains Pain and protect the Konoha village. But, poor Naruto doesn’t even know that his village is under attack by Akatsuki. And the frog message that Tsunade sama sent was killed by Danzo. What the heck is he trying to do??

    Second, the way Sakura-chan punches the big creature when saving a child was soo cool. I mean, think about it,.. One punch and it killed the creature more than 100 times Sakura-chan’s body and with no scrathes on her.. My,my,my.. Sakura can surpass Tsunade sama. But I wonder if she has been taught by Tsunade the kuchiyose technique.. I mean Naruto and Sasuke has.. Can she?

    Third, I agree with you. Kakashi sensei is a really cool teacher.. Who doesn’t like him??

  8. @ Mystery, Yo! Discussion is good!

    I have no doubt that Naruto is probably more powerful than Jiraiya, he doesn’t yet have the knowledge Jiraiya had though. With age comes wisdom and having a crap load of power is nothing if you don’t know what to do with it.

    But since he’s now doing Sage training he’s well on his way to gaining more knowledge.

    Well it does say Danzo’s plan will be revealed so maybe we’ll find out next week. Perhaps his plan is to allow the village to be destroyed so he can rebuild it with himself as its leader?

    And yes Sakura-chan is awesome, I love it when we get to see her pulverize stuff and just kick ass in general. It never fails to make me happy and it would be cool if she could summon Katsuuya.

    Yes everyone must love Kakashi-sensei, its LAW!

  9. I give you a XD at the cup comment. Yes, indeed, foreshadowing. XD

    To be frank, I hate this younger generation surpassing the old stereotype. It REALLY pisses me off.

    Naruto is in his teens, and since Naruto is a shounen it’ll most likely end in the second season, or at least before he turns 18. And you know what’ll happen then? He’ll have defeated Pain and stuff.

    In other words, he’ll have surpassed Jiraiya, who was weaker than Pain in his 50s, at a third of his age. Similarly, Kabuto – and possibly Sakura – are acknowledged by Tsunade as having superior skills than she did at their age. And then there’s Sasuke, who’s said to have the potential to surpass Itachi. And as if Itachi wasn’t such a progidy enough?

    If you recall, Itachi graduated from the Academy and became Anbu Leader (Kakashi’s superior) at perhaps a record age. At only a few years older than Sasuke, he was stronger than Orochimaru and most of the Akatsuki (stronger than Orochimaru, Deidara and Kisame for certain, and most likely Sasori, Hidan and Kakuzu as well).

    Speaking of Akatsuki… who defeated the known Akatsuki members again? We have Orochimaru, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori and Hidan. But Sasori actually chose death, so we’ll exclude him here. Plus, Orochimaru wasn’t a member of Akatsuki when he died, so we’ll exclude him, too. Kakuzu was killed by Naruto. Deidara was killed by Sasuke. Hidan was defeated (not killed, since his head’s still talking) by Shikamaru. All of them of the Rookie 9. On the other hand, noted ninja like Asuma (who was one of the 12 Guardians of the Fire Lord and had an extremely high bounty) and that monk dude couldn’t do shit against them.

    My problem is that, if the younger keep surpassing the old, when are we going to see a newborn baby pop out of the womb, don on a ninja uniform, challenge the next Hokage and win? I find this younger generation thing to be complete bullcrap, which is one of the reasons why I dislike Naruto so much these days. It wasn’t like that during the most of the first season. I hate these sudden exponential growths of power in the characters. Look at Zabuza, who nearly beat Kakashi the first time around. Pre-time skip Zabuza is no match for Post-time skip Sasuke, Naruto or even Sakura. And even if he’d survived through a time skip, he’d still be no match for them. Why? Because he’d lived his entire life and got to that amount of strength level. 3 years wouldn’t have made a difference. Cause he’s the ‘older’ generation.

    That said and done, I still read Naruto cause of Sasuke.

    @ Sakura
    According to some theories, Danzo could be Tobi / Madara. They both have the same eye covered, they have similar hair styles, they’re both old and Tobi’s arm (the one with the bolts) is the same arm that Danzo has wrapped up.

    Then again, people are bound to speculate a lot of shit. Remember those good old days when people thought Pein was related to Kurenai because their eyes looked similar? XD

  10. @ maggeh,

    Quite soon they’ll be putting Kakashi-sensei out to pasture since his rickety old legs won’t be able to keep up with those damn young-uns… He’ll be homebound spending his days catching up on his porn.

    Tsunade, if she lives long enough will be put in the old folks home, Shizune will be her 24/7 carer.

    Iruka is probably about due for retirement so he’ll start tending a nice vegetable patch somewhere. That way, Naruto can have some fresh veggies in his ramen when he comes to visit the old geezer that used to be his teacher.

    Kurenai has a kid to raise so she’ll be busy with that.

    Anko will have killed herself on a suicide mission somewhere, not being able to handle being shoved on desk duty. Since she’s WAAAAAAY too old to be out in the field.

    Ibiki will be sat on a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere, shaking his fist at the neighbourhood kids, who dare each other to go to scary old man Ibiki’s place and play ring the doorbell and scarper.

    And the kids, well they’ll be busy running/destroying the village… 😉

    Hmm interesting theory, entirely possible too, what with the way Madara can teleport himself.

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