Imagine a beautiful girl…

Now tell me what she looks like. See, I’ve been on a bit of an art block lately, so I’ve come begging for help. So, leave an idea in a comment and help me, please?

By the way, the above image is a parody of 2 series. The first one should be easy, but good luck spotting the second one!


9 thoughts on “Imagine a beautiful girl…

  1. I think your art looks pretty good, so don’t worry about the block.

    Alright, I’m imagining… a beautiful girl with glasses. The glasses have a thin edge at the top and no edge at the bottom. They’re not very large but not small either. Glasses you wear every day, like I do. 😛 She’s got dark black hair that reaches her shoulders. It’s also a bit curly at the tips. She’s wearing a turtleneck sweater. Not sure what color though, probably orange with red stripes. She looks uneasy, but that’s because someone is drawing a portrait of her! Hope that gave you a good idea, since I just made this up. ^^

    Now onto the parody. :3 The uniform looks like it’s from “Ef: A Tale of Memories”, that I know for sure. As for the second parody, I honestly have no idea, it must have something to do with the hair or the pose methinks.

  2. When I think beautiful anime girl I immediately think of Nerine from Shuffle! (though her voice was annoying as hell) and Hayami from H2O – Footprints in the Sand. Twin pigtails = instant death.

  3. Those big buttons remind me of Eureka’s outfit from Eureka 7…

    As for imagining a beautiful girl…might as well give up on it. I have a disorder in which I get attracted to almost any girl who has even the slightest hint of beauty. Curse this disorder!

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