Watching the 3rd episode of Clannad was hard

This week, Sunohara slipped from being on par with Suginami to being rather close to Suzaku. I only hope that when this arc wraps up, Sunohara will still be a likable character.

1 Sentence summary: Mei worries even more about Sunohara as he acts like a complete moron throughout the entire episode, at the end he thinks that Tomoya is dumping Nagisa for Mei.

Mood: Funny, then serious, then moe, then serious.

That little girl looks cuter than Mei.

There, I said it.

Don’t kill me……please?

The one thing that Kyoani had always impressed me with is their choice of clothes. That outfit is just adorable.

When Mei lied, I sighed. The whole scene was very ironic, not to mention dramatic. If this was a romance drama then I’d say that the couple is guaranteed to end up together now. Unfortunately the 2 of them ending up together is against the law in some countries, so there’s goodbye to that scenario…

That won’t stop me from drawing SunoharaxMi fanfics though.



Really cute…

Really adorable….



I do not understand how Mei’s charm works, but I can understand its effects. HOWEVER, I have to say that I’m disappointed in Tomoya! If he’s this weak against this loli, there’s no way that he’d hold up against the unimaginably cute loli that’s soon going to enter his life……………

When he was desperately trying to call out to Mei, but couldn’t say anything loud enough for her to hear him, I was reminded of Kana little sister. The protagonist was going insane due to feeling guilty about letting his sister die. Fortunately for him, his girlfriend still loved to him and tried to take care of him and heal his broken heart. But, the one time that he tried to call out to her, she couldn’t hear him….. I personally think that the game was over hyped, but the story was still pretty good.

The first half of this episode made me throw away all sympathy I had for Sunohara, but then the second half restored most of it. When I was watching this episode (especially the painful first half), I couldn’t help but think that as he himself have given up on his future, he wants Mei to give up on him. Of course, this is Clannad after all, I’m sure that Tomoya will come up with a stupid but effective way to get him back into the soccer team. Speaking of which, I wonder why he was kicked off of the team. I seem to remember that he got into a fight, but I can’t remember the reason for the fight…

THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I WILL NEVER UNDERSTNAD. I am the ONLY Asian that I know who can’t spin a pencil. Why? Do pencils hate me? Why oh why can’t I learn that elusive skill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Watching the 3rd episode of Clannad was hard

  1. +__+ *snags first comment*

    I thought the episode was excellente with plenty of moe xD

    lol that “onii-chan” stuff would kill me… from the nosebleeds xDD

    and yer not the only asian that can’t spin a pencil! T___T I can’t either…
    pfft, spinning pencils is a rich man’s skill. Like being able to bend your thumb backwards.

    anyways, besides that, I love reading your blog. xD I lol’d

  2. It’s okay! I can’t spin a pencil neither!

    Indeed, it was a tough ep to watch. However, I don’t hate Sunohara. He’s very funny, for one. And two, he has apparently been through a lot. After all, we can see he didn’t use to be like this. I’ve always liked Sunohara. He’s funny, but at the same time, he knows when to be serious. I look forward to a touching ending for this arc.

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