Revenge of the Lolis

… For not enough screen time last episode? In truth, I was expecting Kaori to show off her moves.

But in reality, it wasn’t filled with as much action as I expected.

In fact, it was more like this.

And don’t forget these cute little mug shots.

And one of Index too~


The episode was a little slow. I don’t blame the directors though, because I thought the manga itself was a little slow in parts.

And as much as I think these pictures are cute, I definitely would love to see more of Kaori. Sorry – Index and Sensei are cute as hell, but hotter/more gorgeous girls like Kaori definitely catch my attention! If I were a guy, that is.

Until next week~


7 thoughts on “Revenge of the Lolis

  1. @Kitsune: Haha, and that will be next episode!! Poor Toma, I feel bad for him already. 😛

    @omisyth: Is it too much for you? :]

    @Shin: … Did I promise you? I have no idea. Exactly how many lolis does it take for you to be satisfied? :]]

  2. @Shin: I think there will be more. 😛 I’ll try to capture as many as I can.

    @Yamcha: Thank god, someone goes for hot gorgeous girls instead of lolis 😛

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