I want to thank everyone who has ever left a comment for me, especially the people who left comments on pointless posts like this one. To show my appreciation (and to give myself a reason to finish my drawings), here are my doodles.

First, We have chucky, who wrote “Alright, I’m imagining… a beautiful girl with glasses. The glasses have a thin edge at the top and no edge at the bottom. They’re not very large but not small either. Glasses you wear every day, like I do.  She’s got dark black hair that reaches her shoulders. It’s also a bit curly at the tips. She’s wearing a turtleneck sweater. Not sure what color though, probably orange with red stripes. She looks uneasy, but that’s because someone is drawing a portrait of her!”

Well, that’s the image that I got.

I’m sure that the glasses are too small the the pose was shamelessly stolen from a random picture that I saw, but I really liked this picture.

Second, we have anon, who asked for a yukata. I’ve never really drawn a yukata before, so this involved a bit of research.

This one isn’t nearly as polished, but I’m going to try and change that. One of my friends is forcing me to re-draw this girl as a guy, apparently she’s always wanted a drawing of a guy wearing a yukata. I’m still not too sure if the robe looks right, but I’ll be sure to fix it.

Third: I’m sorry, Baka-raptor….. I have failed you………

This was the best that I could get…… T.T


7 thoughts on “glasses+yukata+dinosaur

  1. I personally have a liking toward rough sketching. I can’t really describe it but I like the “raw” feeling it displays.

    In regard to men in yukatas….Kyon would say, “We’re guys; merely wearing yukata while in a hotel for the heck of it is enough. Besides, men aren’t that attractive in them anyway.”

  2. @Baka-Raptor: I didn’t TRY to get a pokemon look, I swear!
    @Chucky: Thank you!
    @M12: I actually saw your comment after I’ve scanned everything and wrote the article, and by then it was too late to draw something for you…. Sorry…….
    @m3rryweather: “men aren’t that attractive in them anyway.” That’s what I keep telling her! But ever since she saw this picture she refused to listen to me. She’s now forcing me to draw a shouta robot.
    @Hoshi: Really? You like it? Aww…….

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