Skip Beat Episode 2

Remember girls he is the devil, SHOU IS EVIL!

Since Shou threw her away like yesterdays trash, Kyoko has been residing in an apartment above the Darumaya shop. The shopkeepers see her off in the morning as she goes off to look for more work, unaware that she has been hanging around trying to catch the eye of an agent instead of job hunting.
Kyoko loses it, which is hilarious to watch I might add, when approached by a guy selling cosmetics and all fired up she storms off to join L.M.E the rival entertainment company to the one Shou is with.

Yes Kyoko, when you beat Shou into obscurity it will indeed be wonderful.


After causing a scene at the front desk Kyoko is noticed by a worker at the company Takenori Sawara. Running through the various areas of show business he quickly gets annoyed with her when Kyoko, finds reasons to not like any area of the entertainment industry. This leads Takenori to assume that Kyoko is simply a crazed fangirl trying to get at Ren Tsuruga, the famous actor who is part of L.M.E. Apparently there has been an influx of girls trying to get into the company just so they can be near the hawt superstar.

I loved how Kyoko was blissfully unaware to how Takenori was getting more and more irritated with each and every one of her answers.

Kyoko would make a powerful sith lord. Perhaps Palpy should have made her his apprentice.

Of course Kyoko ends up thrown out on her rear, but we all know that she isn’t one to give up. At least not without a fight and so she sits right outside the building not moving an inch.
When Kyoko does think of giving up, or at the very least entering a lesser company, she visualizes Shou mocking her. This leads to her resolving to get into an agency of equal standing with that of Shou’s and so she stands firm, since for the sake of her revenge, she must get into this agency.

Oh you should have run, you should have run…

Looking out of the window, a relieved Takenori is happy to see that Kyoko is no longer keeping a vigil outside. However, he is met by an unpleasant surprise as he exits the building to head home. Kyoko had heard that people actually enter and leave from the rear of the building and so hadn’t given up like Takenori had thought, she just simply changed her location.
Let that be a lesson to you Takenori, nay anyone whom crosses the path of Kyoko NEVER underestimate her willpower. You will live to regret it as poor Takenori finds out when he becomes the sole focus of Kyoko’s amazing determination.

Following him home, day and night she hounds Takenori and his poor family until finally he can take no more. He can’t just admit her into the agency though, Kyoko will have to audition before a panel which includes the L.M.E’s President.

Kyoko takes this in her stride and is ecstatic at the chance, although Takenori can’t see why, given that she has less time to prepare than everyone else auditioning.

That’s right you mangy kers bow down before the might of your Mistress!

On her way out of the building with the study materials she needs for the audition in 3 days time, Kyoko bumps into Ren. This scene showcases classic Kyoko, whereby at first Ren doesn’t even say anything but Kyoko just assumes his feelings from his expression. Her assumption is pretty much spot on. Ren is not too impressed with the fact that she is trying to get into showbiz when she seems to have no passion for it.

And so another poster gets tacked onto Kyoko’s wall for her to vent her hatred upon and she imagines a future where both Shou and Ren will bow down before her greatness 😀

Kyoko is mesmerized at all the beauty before her when she turns up for the audition and laments that she didn’t put more effort into her make-up. She puts it down to Shou’s curse and so sits on the floor poking a voodoo doll. Meanwhile one participant is very angry about a young girl being in the competitors area. Seeing the housewife like Kyoko sitting on the floor she shoves the kid her way.

Not because she thinks Kyoko is the mother, but seeing Kyoko there playing with a homemade voodoo doll irritates her. She thinks that Kyoko is giving this once in a lifetime opportunity an ordinary aura and tells Kyoko to get lost before stalking off.

The little girl gets fussed over by the other women except Kyoko who treats her rather harshly since she sees the little girls tears for what they are, those of a crocodile…

Takenori meanwhile is sweating over what might happen if Kyoko doesn’t make it through the first round. The picture she provided in her application shows an annoyed Kyoko, not the happy, smiling picture you usually find with this kind of application. He fears that she might curse him for life if she doesn’t make it through.

The audition begins and dressed in a Sombrero and Cape, surrounded by dancers, the company President Lory Takarada makes his bold entrance.

The angry girl from earlier makes a good impression and everyone seems to think she will make it and of course that Kyoko is a sure thing to lose.

Ren shocks his manager by showing interest in the auditions as he wonders how far revenge will get Kyoko.

Kyoko’s turn is up and she takes the stage with determination all over her face as she stands there with a knife and a daikon!!!!!!

So far Skip Beat = Win as far as I’m concerned because they have Kyoko’s character and the feel of the manga down perfectly. You can’t help but laugh whenever Kyoko’s demons overcome her and she burns with her need for revenge against Shou because of all the silly things she does and says.

You really do hope for her to succeed, even when you’re watching the poor Takenori whimper with fear in her presence.

I eagerly await next week and Kyoko’s audition. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Skip Beat Episode 2

  1. I saw one ep of this, and it wasn’t bad! But for some reason, I don’t plan on going on. Mainly because there’re so many other series to follow already. Darn :(!

  2. @ M12, I know how you feel, there were at least 3 other shows I was planning to follow but probably won’t.


    I may try and catch up over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  3. Skip Beat is my new crack. +__+

    after Ouran, I went though rehab… (hurhur jk ppl)

    and after Special A, I needed my weekly shoujo fix!! >:U

    and then along came Skip Beat~~~ =___=

  4. @ Kairu, you should you really should, for the laughter alone!

    @ epicoffee, OURAN!!!!!! I just got the first Ghost Hunt boxset. Once I get Ghost Hunt pt 2 then I’ll start on getting the Ouran ones. I LOVE that show, Tamaki always made me laugh.

    @ Kitsune, Kyoko is always Epic lol 🙂

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