Naruto 421 – Call Naruto Back!

Ahh if only it were that easy…


Sakura comes to the rescue of villagers running from one of Pein’s summons, she takes out the huge centipede with one punch and starts to heal some injured villagers.

Ahh Sakura-chan I’m so glad you grew up.

GO SAKURA!! I totally love it when we get to see her be badass, it never happens often enough for my liking. She meets up with Iruka who tells her to get to the hospital since its starting to fill up.

One of the frogs offers to go get Naruto, but Homura and Koharu tell him to leave Naruto where he is.
Going off of information provided by Danzou they are aware that it is Pein who is attacking the village. They deem it too dangerous for Naruto to return since he is a child and Pein was able to defeat Jiraiya and they cannot allow Naruto to fall into Akatsuki hands.

Tsunade finally gets to do something satisfying that doesn’t involve drinking copious amounts of sake.

Tsunade loses her temper and grabs both of them as memories of Naruto and Jiraiya flash before her. She gives a rousing speech about how they can’t treat Naruto as a child forever. She tells them he is one of the ninjas protecting the village and one day he will surpass Jiraiya.

This either means the future is bright, or really, really GLOOMY!

Glaring at them she says that Jiraiya, Sarutobi and Chiyo all had faith, which they are sorely lacking in.
She tells them that they must have faith in the youth of Konoha just as her grandfather the first Hokage put his faith in them and entrusted them with the safety of the village.

Koharu tells Tsunade to do what she likes and then she and Homura take their leave just as Shizune arrives.

Gratuitous Kakashi-sensei image.

Seriously the man is just cool.

Kakashi’s fight against Pein continues, Kakashi throws another attack Pein’s way only to find it repelled. Apparently both physical and ninja techniques do not work on Pein. As Kakashi tries to figure out a solution to his predicament, another one of Pein’s body’s shows up.

Shizune shows Tsunade the receiver she discovered during the autopsy, she feels that once they talk to the interrogation squad, they can solve the puzzle of Pein’s power.

Tsunade tells the frog to inform Fukasaku about everything they had just discussed. She tells Shizune to tell the interrogators everything has learned while she heads off to help with the wounded.

Danzo, he’s like that creepy relative everyone tells you to avoid.

The frog prepares to leave to relay his message and bring Naruto back to the village, but he is killed by Danzo before he can leave!

So it seems that Danzo maybe wants the village to be destroyed…

Because Maggeh wished for it


27 thoughts on “Naruto 421 – Call Naruto Back!

  1. @ M12, I haven’t the foggiest unfortunately. It certainly could wrap up soon, what with Akatsuki finally making their move on Konoha and Naruto.

    Or there are plenty of little stories in the Naruto universe that Kishimoto could tell to drag things out a little bit.

    Like maybe some backstory on the members of Hawk, maybe he’ll tell us more about those seven legendary swordsman of Mist…

    @Kairu Ishimaru, well I’m for sure tired of Shippuden, I stopped watching ages ago. The manga has been boring me a little of late, but thats par for the course with Shounen. I think they all suffer from that lag when the hero has to undergo yet another power up.

    As for Otaku’s since that is a general term and not all Otaku like Naruto in the first place, I guess that you’d have to direct the question to Otaku’s who actually follow Naruto.

    I can only answer for myself and say that on the whole I find the manga enjoyable, even though some arcs may be boring as all hell.

    Such as this Sage training, I absolutely don’t give a crap, it bores me to tears.

  2. Not enough Sasuke in this chapter, hence it fails.

    Except it has Kakashi in it, so it doesn’t fail.

    Don’t think Naruto’s – that – close to ending, but I do think that Akatsuki will be the final bosses of the series. If they decide to add more to it… then no, just no. But it’s not going to end anytime soon yet. There’s still Zetsu (or whatever his name was), Kisame and Konan before they can go and fight Pein and Madara. And what with Pein being able to replenish his bodies (something else that really pisses me off), it’s nowhere near close.

    There really aren’t that many important issues to deal with in Naruto anymore. We’ve got the entire back story for Sasuke, we now know most of Naruto’s origins (his parents, his name) and Sakura doesn’t mean shit to the story since she’s a girl (Shounen series always focus on the male characters, something that’s been around since the days of Dragonball). I mean, seriously, the only flashback we got for Sakura was during the Chunin Exams arc, where she flashbacked to her time with Ino.

    All the other characters (characters who AREN’T Naruto or Sasuke) really don’t matter. We’ve already dealt with the pasts of Lee, Neji, Hinata, Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. Shino and TenTen are practically ignored (TenTen never had any showtime during the Chunin Exams, and Shino was th e only male character who didn’t participate in rescuing Sasuke. And Sai? Who’s Sai? The members of the Hawk don’t really matter anymore – Kishimoto might make us wonder with half-assed foreshadowing he pulled out of his ass (“Jugo of the Scales”, “I know what you did to Sasuke, Karin” and “That kid was trained to become a Swordsman of the Mist”) but he seems extremely unlikely to deal with them. And for the characters of other lands – like the Sand Siblings or the newly introduced characters from the Land of Lightning… they just don’t matter.

    The other Tailed Creatures simply don’t matter – Akatsuki already got to the majority of them before the second season started, and when the second season started they got Gaara in one go. The only ones left are Killer Bee and Naruto, and Killer Bee lost his importance in the story almost as soon as he appeared.

    What we need in Naruto is Squirrel Girl. For those of you unfamiliar with Squirrel Girl, she’s a character in Marvel Comics with the ability to talk to squirrels. You’d think that she’d be weak, but she’s defeated, among other characters, Dr. Doom, Thanos, Deadpool, MODOK, Pluto and Terrax. We need her in Naruto. Let her get rid of Pein and Madara and the like. Madara might be able to avoid everything, but not even he is safe against the powers of Squirrel Girl. Then Naruto can end, and I can stop reading it.

    And I really want Naruto to end. I feel like I’m bound to a contract to read the series, which means I have to see it to the end, whether I like it or not. Then again, I quit Inuyasha and Prince of Tennis, so maybe that contract isn’t as absolute as I thought.

  3. Not enough Sasuke in this chapter, hence it fails.

    Except it has Kakashi in it, so it doesn’t fail.

    I like how you think Maggeh. Well Kishimoto is probably making up for the previous Sasuke heavy chapters.

    Squirrel girl would fare better than Empowered who would just get herself kidnapped. Ninjette would whup a lot of ass though.

    And its totally true about Sakura, which is why I am so damned happy whenever we do get to see her kick ass. LOL I think we know a little something about everyone’s clan/family except for Sakura. Nor will we probably ever know anything.

    I do think Kishimoto has a soft spot for Shikamaru though since he seems to feature him quite a bit.

    I actually did make it to the end of InuYasha -_- man that was a long time coming, at least I got my happy ending for that one. I swear if Tessaiga had gone through one more bloody upgrade I’d have lost it!

    Oh and I enjoyed your last comment on Chapter 420 btw and I added a Sasuke piccie on this post to hold you over XD

  4. Oh, you are a blessed, blessed being. XD

    Now I can pretend that Sasuke was in this chapter, and that makes me happy.

    Shikamaru is one of my favorite characters, really. Unlike the rest of the characters, who determine their battles on their strength (in the end, it’s all a matter of who has more chakra and the better techniques) Shikamaru actually fights with his brain, and comes out without having to exert himself more than necessary.

    Naruto has his jutsu that’s so strong but hurts him so much that Tsunade said he was never to use it again.

    The Mangekyou (or whatever) Sharigan hurts anyone who uses it.

    Shikamaru fights with his brain. More people should. XD

  5. @ maggeh, well our aim around here is to please 🙂

    Indeed its one of the things I like about the fighting style in Naruto. Power matters but also how you use it. If you blow all your chakra in one attack then you’re fracked. Unless your Naruto with Kyuubi healing powers.

    So it helps to have to use your brain a little too, I mean look at Kabuto he’s always thinking one step ahead in a fight.

    As you say, Shika is a master of this and so doesn’t often have to expend a lot of chakra.

    Sakura started off book smart and now has power to go along with those brains 🙂 two hit combo there.

    Hmm if more people fought with their brains, perhaps some of these arcs might go a bit quicker…

  6. Tacticians in Naruto include… Shikamaru and Temari. But really, no one matches up to Shikamaru in brains. He’s the only one who managed to win despite being at a disadvantage in strength. See: Hidan.

    I’d say more, but my brain is on the fritz. XP

    … Wait, is your avatar Sakura?

    I always thought it was Neji for some reason. o_O

  7. True, true, its probably why the Hokage seems to have a lot for Shikamaru to do 🙂

    LOL yes my avatar is Sakura, well Neji can be pretty girly looking what with that long hair and all.

    Sasuke isn’t the only pretty boy XD

  8. I think it’s because I saw the eyes wrong as the Byakugan. XD

    Plus, Neji and Sakura both have noticeable foreheads (at least when Neji doesn’t have his Ninja Band on) because of their hairstyles. XP

  9. Ahh gotcha, yeah I did pick one where she’s giving us quite a serious look. So its probably the frown and therefore the wrinkled forehead as you say that made it look like Neji.

    I mean if he smiled it would surely be a bad omen, there’s probably some prophecy somewhere.

    ‘When Neji of the Hyuuga smiles, Konoha will fall…’

  10. Not enough Sasuke in this chapter, hence it fails.

    Except it has Kakashi in it, so it doesn’t fail.

    Speaking of Sasuke, Kakashi and all things Sharingan-related, didn’t Itachi leave Naruto a parting gifts of sorts? If I recall correctly, it was supposed to be one of Itachi’s skills. Judging how Itachi can transfer his powers indirectly and inconspicously (as he did to Sasuke), there might be a possiblity that Naruto might have Sharingan abilities (not necessarily the Sharingan).

    So here’s my question …will Naruto with Sharingan abilities be sufficient for this chapter not to fail? 🙂

  11. @ 7, hmmm as long as Naruto is kicking ass its never a fail.

    On the subject of what Itachi gave Naruto I wonder if it was perhaps the Uchiha ability to surpress the Kyuubi or perhaps the ability to dispel the mangenkyo.

    I don’t think he’d be able to use any doujutsu techniques related to the Sharingan without the Sharingan itself.

  12. Well, I can imagine naruto having a sharingan eye because the nine tailed fox is after all a sharingan. So, maybe itachi gave Naruto the mangekyo ability.

  13. What? What in the holy hell are you talking about? The nine tailed fox is a sharingan?!?!?!?!?!!!!!? That makes no sense at all. Please feel free to cruise on over to wikipedia or narutopedia and read up on this stuff before you post on it. You can make yourself sound really dumb with a few short sentences.

    The nine tailed fox is a bijou – which is basicly a chakra monster. There are 10 of them nine which were in the series and had hosts called jinchuriiki. The 10th one had no tail and was featured in one of the movies and had no tail.

    The Sharingan however is a Jutsu that is only able to be performed by someone of the Uchiha clan. This is known as a bloodline limit or trait. Basicly a genetic ability passed on by family. Other examples are the Byakugan with the Hyuga clan and Bone Manipulation which Kimmimoto was the last of his clan which he is gone and so is that ability.

    The only relation that the Sharingan has with the nine tailed fox is that Uchiha Madra used his Sharingan abilities to control the nine tailed fox to make it attack the Leaf Village which is where Namikazi Minato then captured half of the fox’s chakra and sealed it in his son… which starts the plot of the Naruto series.

    You do bring up a valid point that Itachi could have transfered some ability to Naruto but speculation is not going to get anyone anywhere because he hasn’t encountered Sasuke yet… we will see. But as far as him having a Sharingan eye… not a chance in hell! There are only two ways to get a Sharingan eye: be born with Uchiha Blood in your veins or have one transplanted from an Uchiha. If Naruto was getting a Sharingan it would have happened right then and there.

    Let me know when you need another lesson. Class is dismissed.

  14. @ wootThat’s true, there is still a hell of a lot to tie up that hasn’t been touched on yet.

    @ 106me, I gotta agree with TakaMiHome that statement doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense…




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