Ef a tale of melodies 3: that was SO GOOD

I was really impressed with this episode. The music, the art, the atmosphere, the everything. The characters were developed, the climax was almost tear jerking, I’m falling in love all over again.

1 sentece summary: Yuu found out that Yuuko has a new “brother” and is bullied in school, while Mizuki finds out that Kuze is dying from Chihiro and tries to stop him when he was burning his violin.

The best part: Kuze showing emotions for Mizuki.

There was a bit of change to the op, most notable the extra colors. It looks nice, but in a few parts I actually prefer the original version.

Typical boy, he tries to hard to reject Yuuko that he forgets why he’s paying so much attention to her. Then when he feels like it he tries to help her. Didn’t he ever think about the fact that the bullying couldn’t possibly have hurt her as much as he had?

This confuses me greatly. Okay, apparently there are two cities, exactly alike, in 2 different countries. Yuu is in one and Yuuko is in another. But, if both Renji and Chihiro are over here, how can Chihiro and Kei be together? For that matter, why are there 2 different cities that are so similar? And what’s the earthquake? Aah, what happened?

When I saw this I couldn’t help but think of Makoto Shinai. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

I love her character and I’m ecstatic that she’s back. What I was not prepared for is the fact that her voice is so high.

“I think I’m getting a nosebleed”


While it’s great to see that her bond with Renji haven’t faltered, I’m curious about why she’s still at the bus stop everyday holding her diary. Moreover, we know that she knows Kuze as Renji’s neighbor, but when did she find out about his illness? Did she hear from Yuu?

I’m not the only one getting Clannad vibes, am I?

Kuze’s acting just like Chihiro used to, isn’t he? Forgetting about everything, avoiding contact with everyone, thinking that it’s all for the best.

But even if he acts like nothing is wrong, like he’s not going to try anything anymore, he’s still desperatly trying to live. I only hope that Mizuki can help him through this.

What’s more painful? To give up on your one and only dream or to see someone who care more about your dream than you do?

That’s it. I don’t care if the only other shaft shows that I think is watchable is the Negima OVA and Moonphase, I love Shaft.

“Because they are human”

I’m telling you, SHE’S A GHOST!

I don’t know who the artist is. Oh well, there’s always next week.


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