naruto 422 – Kakashi vs Pein

Ahh this week more Kakashi-sensei, which means a happy Sakura-chan πŸ™‚

This chapter is full of win sauce because there is plenty of Kakashi-sensei in all his kickassery to satiate this copy-nin fangirl πŸ™‚

Looks like Konoha ninja are made out of pretty tough stuff.

Konan and Pein continue their rampage through Konoha in an effort to drum up information on Naruto, but find that the ninja of Konoha aren’t very forthcoming with information.

She’s a giant slug, what else is there to say really.

With two of the Sannin already dead, just how much longer will Tsunade be around. Especially with all the power she must be exerting right now.

Tsunade summons Katsuya and tells her to separate and attach herself to everyone in the village and to take her chakra to heal their wounds. She is determined to protect the village no matter what!

He’s just so damned badass!

During his fight with the two Pein’s, Kakashi remembers the words of Fukasaku, that when there are more than one of Pein’s bodies present and their eyes are linked they have a shared field of vision.

Fukasaku had said that the key to fighting Pein was to take him on one on one, also each body can only use one power, so the trick is figuring out which one the body is using.

I swear they just get weirder!

The second Pein fighting Kakashi bursts out of his cloak to show a body with 6 arms and more than one face and some kind of razored like tail.

The original Pein seems to be drawing Kakashi in and its at this point that Kakashi figures out his power.

Kakashi realizes that he needs to call for reinforcements so he can tell them what Pein’s power is and manages to anchor himself with a chain to stop his forward momentum.

HA! As if our beloved Sensei would go down with just that kind of thing!

Oh noes! Kakashi gets skewered by the multi-armed Pein. Lucky for us and unluckily for him they have underestimated our wonderful Kakashi-sensei, son of the legendary White Fang and a legend himself. Beneath that mop of silver hair lies a brain every bit as sharp as the genius he was once proclaimed to be.

The multi-armed Pein quite literally gets a shock, since it turns out the Kakashi he skewered was a lightning clone. Oh Kakashi-sensei how wonderful you are, you can still give those young-uns a run for their money. (Although see last comment on the post for 420 as to what he’ll do when the young take over the village.)

It seems that Kakashi’s attack was able to attract the attention of Chouji’s father who crushes multi-armed Pein (I should just call him Shiva Pein or something, hey I can do that, I’m sorta half Indian/Mauritian after all!)

Next week the fight continues.

Well still really nothing too interesting except I get lots of Kakashi, who can make lightning clones! So really this chapter is a win for me, though not really for plot development…


38 thoughts on “naruto 422 – Kakashi vs Pein

  1. Not enough stuff going on.
    At this rate, only One Piece is worth reading among the Shounen 3.
    Then again, One Piece has always been FABULOUS.

    I’m just posting cause it seems like a weekly thing to do for me. D8

  2. Not enough stuff going on.
    At this rate, only One Piece is worth reading among the Shounen 3.
    Then again, One Piece has always been FABULOUS.

    I’m just posting cause it seems like a weekly thing to do for me. D8

  3. @ Toad Sage, well maybe Kakashi-sensei did use a lot of chakra up on that lightning clone after all.

    @ maggeh, I keep getting told I should read one piece, but for a newb its quite daunting given just how long it is.

    Hopefully Naruto will kick it into high gear next week (though I doubt it). Next week will probably be more of the same with some more panels letting us know how Naruto’s ‘yawn’ training is going. Possibly an update on Akatsuki and whether or not they’ve figured out Killer Bee is missing yet.

    LOL well I’m certainly not complaining. Does this mean I should have a weekly Sasuke picture on hand in case he’s not in it? πŸ˜‰

  4. One Piece is pretty much the best out of the Shounen 3, for me. Naruto and Bleach sometimes try to evoke the emotional factor, but always fail. Even Asuma’s death or Sasuke’s flashback failed to get anything out of me, while chapters of One Piece constantly make me shed tears. I think it’s because, unlike Naruto of Bleach, which just keep on piling characters on top of the other and discarding them (when’s the last time we saw TenTen do something meaningful again?), One Piece tends to focus on the main cast while at the same time remembering the old ones from time to time. After all, Buggy shows up every once in a while, and the cover pages for chapters generally show what happens to characters from previous arcs in the mini-arcs. One Piece is far more humane than Naruto or Bleach ever could be, which is part of the reason why I love reading it so much.

    So yes, you need to read One Piece, even if it’s just a chapter a day or something like that. XD

    For me, the highlight of One Piece is the Chunin Exam arc, where we actually got to see not only Kakashi’s team, but also the other members of the Rookie 9 (plus Gai’s team) fight and show off their moves. I mean, Shino was so freaking awesome when he first showed up, but when he appears after the time skip, all he does is shoot a couple of bugs at Tobi, which doesn’t work, and then fade off into the background again.

    And Bleach? Bleach is becoming something of a bad fanfiction these days. Moreover, their power levels are even more fucked up than Naruto’s. I don’t even know why I read that shit anymore, but then again, I’m a moron and I rarely know why I do anything. XD

    No, you do not need a Sasuke picture. If I need one, I’ll just go to your Chapter 421 (or 420?) post and check it there. XD

  5. Well damn, looks like I have another manga to add to my list. I probably should add another Shounen anways since its mostly Shoujo at the moment.

    I follow Bleach also but its one I haven’t found the need to read ahead on. I’ve just been reading it as Viz releases it over here.

    I enjoyed the Chunin exams for the same reason, I feel like those other teams weren’t meant to be much more than background characters just for that arc. But when some of them such as Shikamaru became more popular he spent a little bit more time on them and gave them some background.

    Sigh and Bleach held so much promise when it first came out.

    XD Righty ho, I have a feeling Sasuke is gonna be turning up either this next chapter or the one after. Kishimoto can’t stay away from the Uchiha for long.

  6. I know, Bleach was, for me, awesome and unique when it first appeared. The concept of shinigami and Hollows really made it interesting. But the moment Renji appeared and defeated Uryu, I knew things were going downhill. I mean, Uryu had been portrayed as powerful and mysterious in the previous arc… then Renji shows up and beats him. What the fuck?

    While the Soul Society arc did open up the path to Zaraki Kenpachi (easily the most awesome character in Bleach), it also turned Bleach into an overly generic shounen. And I’m not sure if Kenpachi was worth that.


    Bu… but-

    *Bitchslaps self*


    O… okay…

  7. My poor bespectacled Uryu (okay, okay so I have a thing for specs. If Sasuke’s eyesight got bad enough he required specs I’d be in fangirl heaven.)

    Ahh yes the Soul Society arc, maybe Zangetsu should have gotten named Tessaiga… Oh wait sorry thats already taken.

    *Hands maggeh an icepack*

    Kenpachi could kill a person with his stare alone, and that’s quite the feat considering one eyeball is behind a patch.

    I was surprised when I read the most recent manga we got, that Hitsugaya came second in the popularity contest. For some reason I didn’t think he would be quite that popular, I figured Renji at least would be higher up than lil ol Hitsugaya.

    I myself like the surly little guy I was just astounded to find that more of the stronger soul reapers like Kenpachi didn’t rate higher.

  8. Hitsugaya is popular for the following reasons.

    1) He’s young.
    2) He has white hair.
    3) He’s affiliated with a dragon.
    4) He uses ice.
    5) He’s ‘cool’.
    6) He’s also cold.
    7) Oh, snap, did you see what I just did there? I made a ‘punny’ joke. PFFT. A ha ha ha ha ha.
    8) He’s had plenty of air-time compared to other shinigami of SS.
    9) He has white hair.
    10) He hangs around with Rangiku, so you know he’s a pimp.
    11) He has white hair and he’s young.

  9. LOL @ 10. Hmm now his surly attitude makes sense, since he’s constantly having to fend off non-paying customers who just want to stare at her rack.

    And yeah white hair is a definite factor, I myself seem to have a soft spot for the white haired characters.

    Except for Enishi in Kenshin, because, well just Kenshin is way more win.

  10. @ Pein Well then the latest chapter won’t stop your love for him.

    I just think all his reasonings are b.s basically. He’s a cool looking character that’s for sure, but really his character design is all I like about him.

  11. If I may….i dont really think you can say Peins reasons are B.s. because from a certain perspective they make a lot of sense..All human conflict has been solved by force even in the cival rights movment there was violence and death…So his view makes a lot of sense to me personaly….Also Kakashi got his fucking ass kicked! πŸ™‚ and any who does not agree with me is retarted…I mean look Pein took down Kakashi and all of a clan entire fighting force exept for one on his own and in the end he really was not hurt by it…the body they destroyed was reaired…try to tell me Pein is not badass i dare you

    • Oh I’m not saying he’s NOT badass, in fact quite the opposite. He’s insanely badass, to the point that its ridiculous.

      I understand Kishimoto is just following the Shounen pattern when it comes to power upgrades, but sometimes the power level borders on ridiculous.

      Kakashi getting his ass kicked always pisses me off, because we’ve established that he’s pretty much one of the most badass ninja’s in the village. So Kishimoto needs to actually EFFING SHOW THAT!

      Not all human conflict has been solved by force. Vietnam for example wasn’t. Force is certainly part of conflict but it doesn’t guarantee victory.

      If they wanted to, the U.S could just nuke the entire damn dessert. All the bad guys gone, problem solved. But if we did that a lost of innocent people would also die. So in the end a combination of force and diplomacy has to be used to solve the conflict.

      That’s why I say Pein’s ideas are B.S. They are too extreme and what he wants is tantamount to dictatorship. Who is he to decide for the rest of the world what the best course of action is?

      The people in Konoha are happy, why is it fair for him to destroy that simply to get what he desires?

      It isn’t and while he may tell himself he’s doing what he is for some ultimate altruistic purpose, he isn’t. At the core of it, he’s a little boy who saw so much horror and conflict, who felt so much loss that he’s just striking out in revenge.

  12. Hmmmmmm you raise a good point…But all of our desires are selfess no matter what they are…You say Vietnam was not solved by force…But it was you need just look at which side won…The communists the more fanatical ones who were willing to do the more extreme things They forced the U.S. out with force and conquered south Korea…Well U.S. was forced out by many things but that was one of them…Also for say that their powers are way to high i have 2 things to say first DBZ thats the really ridiculous compared to that this is pretty much not that much of a power level change…i hate DBZ…..second he has the Rinnegan a great power which easy trumps the Sharingan…Also Kakshi was pretty badass in All of his canon fights i dont think you can complain much on how hes treated…Also Nagato was happy untill people from Konoha killed his parents and turned his home land into what for the most part was a living hell. I think he has the right to be a wee bit pissed dont you…oh not to mention Danzo helped kill his bestfriend…Im still really sad that he died…I miss him already…

  13. In the case of Vietnam, the war wasn’t won by the superior force. America had more firepower and yet they still lost.

    Look at the Nazi’s, they had better equipment and conditions for their soldiers and yet they still lost. Having the bigger force doesn’t always guarantee you victory.

    Well yeah power levels in DBZ are ridiculous and DBZ is probably the reason we still see ridiculous shounen power ups.

    I dunno for as much as Kakashi is shown to be bad ass, he gets his ass handed to him an awful lot. Point in case he had to be carried for treatment by Gai Sensei. I felt really bad for him on that one.

    I agree Nagato has a right to be pissed, just like Sasuke has a right to be pissed about Itachi and his clan. But why should the rest of the world suffer for his revenge?

    The civilians in Konoha didn’t bring war to his home. They didn’t kill his friends and parents, so why should they be made to suffer?

  14. fire power was not quite what i was talking about…i was talking about conviction in the case of vietnam…it was the the fact they were prepared to go farther than the U.S. you know there is a rule that when the nazis are brought into an argument then that the person who brought them up loses……ah well yes your right it does not guarantee you victory but it helps! ….I really hate DBZ……once again Naruto characters power level upgrades compared to DBZ character is nothing for the most part….they went from being able to barely knock down a tree to being able to destroy a planet with a single flick WTH! sorry for the rant….there is one main diffrence between Nagato and Sasuke …Nagato wants peace through force right….Sasuke just wants to kill people for revenge…Nagato thinks he doing this for the good of the majority…Sasuke want to kill…THERE IS A HUGE DIFFRENCE! Also im pretty sure that all the Konoha civilians are gone by this point…i’ll re read it later..

  15. Maybe Vietnam was a poor choice of analogy on my point.

    I agree they had more conviction in their goals, as they should have, after all the U.S were invaders of their home. You’re always going to defend your homeland tooth and nail.

    I guess my point is, his conviction isn’t the issue, neither is his outcome. Whether or not if he and Sasuke are killing people for entirely different reasons. The point is people are dying.

    Sasuke killing for revenge isn’t right and it doesn’t matter that Pein’s ultimate goal is a good one. Innocent people will die in the process and that is unacceptable.

    It isn’t right to say, well if the end result is world peace its okay if some people die. How many is okay? One death? Two, a whole village, a whole country, half the planet?

    Is it okay to kill medical ninjas who dedicate themselves to saving lives, just because they are ninjas? Is it okay to kill the kids in training, because ultimately they might become ninjas?

    It might be different if all the people suffering were ninjas. After all they must accept danger as part of their job, but civilians don’t sign up for that.

    I’m pretty sure the owners of Ichiraku didn’t sign up for war. Life is pretty peaceful for them. They had nothing to do with Pein’s sad history so why should they have to suffer?

    Remember its not just Konoha that will suffer. But until Pein decides peace has been reached, the whole world will suffer!

    • yep im to lazy to log in…once again the civilians were gone by this time im prettey sure.

      the medical ninjas and the students knew the risk of becoming ninjas they are soldiers prepared to die of the battel field…medical ninja heal other ninja so they can go kill other again…thats not very peaceful I think.

      Also if you think about it Peins plan saves lives in the long run by killing millions he save billions by making eternal peace now he save many more in the long run. So what if he kills people its for a good cause…I mean Naruto has killed people for his ideals and your fine with that????

      on a side note im really hoping Sasuke dies…soon….

  16. pein kills kakashi but naruto converted pein with his useless talks of friendship.then pein brings kakashi back to life and leaves akasuki

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