Clannad AS ep 4

Ugh, after watching the first episode in wide screen, this just doesn’t feel right anymore…

1 sentence summary: Sunohara rescues Mei from the harassement of the soccer club and everything is fine again.

This episode was good and concluded this arc. When Sunohara charged in to save Mei, I actually felt a little tear in my eye. But the most important thing?

MIsae’s story is getting animated next!!!! YAYYY!!!


4 thoughts on “Clannad AS ep 4

  1. Damn it, I actually didn’t tear up over this episode at all. Zomfg, real men resolve their differences by fighting in the rain. I remember seeing stuff like that back in the 80s. That wasn’t GAR at all.

  2. omg how can you say that?

    Real men settle things by fighting, then fighting in the rain, and then laughing for no reason afterwards. 😀

    I’m just amazed by how much of an idiot Sunohara is. xD
    Tomoya: “Hey Sunohara, Misae isn’t really the housekeeper… she’s my sister *wink wink nudge nudge*”

  3. I just saw this episode. Sunohara’s arc was nice, but I think Misae will actually bring something fresh and new to the show.

    Misae is like Chidori from Full Metal Panic!, just look at the wrestling move in the preview. I wonder who it is she slams on the ground, could be Sagara Sousuke. 😛


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