His Butler, the Strongest

What say the British?

Seriously, this episode was way too exaggerated that all I can do is laugh and give you screenshots. Watch it for yourself, cause Sebastian really outdoes himself. Of course, I’m not complaining.

A relative? More like Hitler. (Don’t have a screenshot of Madam Red, but she’ll play a bigger role later.) Next, a series of Sebastian’s FEATS.

He really is an akuma shitsuji.

And then a series of bondage and BL shots for the fujoshis.

Although if I were Ciel, I wouldn’t mind being held like that. ;]

And the search for the perfect Butler still continues …

7 thoughts on “His Butler, the Strongest

  1. The British say that Sebby = WIN! XD

    I love this show in so many ways that I can’t count them. It never fails to get a smile or a smirk out of me, oh and Kitsune, my email can be found in the About your authors section!

    I have mail for you, but need to know where to send it. 🙂

  2. @Kitsune: Sebastian covered in blood is just as hot, imo. ;]

    @Sakura: LOL. I’m so gonna get my hands on a British butler.

    @omisyth: his awesomeness puts us ALL to shame (.___.)

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