3 reasons to watch Earl and fairy

#1: There’s are fairies.

#2: The budget’s bad so that whenever a fight scene starts, it looks so bad that I can have a good time laughing at it.

#3: There are bishies jumping around in sparkles! Do you NEED anymore reasons to watch a show?


15 thoughts on “3 reasons to watch Earl and fairy

  1. The fight scenes are bad? Psh…not the ones with sparkles anyway. Sparkles > Any sort of Motion in my opinion.

    After all, with sparkles you don’t need to really fight. You just blind your enemy by jumping past them and then you can run away.

  2. All I can say is: Nothing beats bishies and their sparkles.
    What more can a fangirl want? (well a lot of things, but that’s not the point)

  3. lol I was planning on skipping this series


    since your blogging about it, I guess it’s worth watching. xD *high expectations*

  4. @FuyuMaiden:I have a dream, I dream of a world where every girl carries sparkles! An unlimited supply of sparkles which she can use to her leisure. It can be used to enhance food, get smiles, ward off enemies, become candle replacements, and make people pretty… Unfortunately the laws of physics don’t allow that, so I’ll just have to make do with some glitter…

    @saimaisama: Me want more shoutas. Then it’s perfect.

    @epicoffee: This isn’t something to take seriously, and I don’t really have high hopes for it. But it just might turn out to be good.

  5. Any action scene can be improved through use of sparkles

    I wasn’t planning on following this show, but I am. I’m not sure why…

  6. hooray for bad fight scenes!

    and yes, another reason to watch this show would be edgar WTF cheesy lines when he’s trying to romance lydia! ^^ lines so bad, they’re so good on a bishie with sparkling background.

  7. Sparkles Yay!

    I have to smile when Edgar turns on the charm, it isn’t getting him too far with Lydia right now.

    But we all know that will change, you can’t deny the sparkles for long after all. 🙂

  8. @Hoshi: I KNEW I forgot something! Oh well, I’ll add that as a reason next time….

    @shirokiryuu: Agreed, on both points.

    @biankita: If it was any cheesier the French would use it as a fat free cheese supplement!

    @Sakura: Oh yes, I give it 3 episodes before at least 1 character realizes that Lydia’s in love.

    @lelangir: To tell you the truth I haven’t paid any attention to the music. It’s not that it’s completely out of place, but it’s out of sync enough for a person to forget its existence.

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