I’ve figured it out…

Alto hime is really a reverse trap, that’s why he didn’t end up with the 2 girls in the end.

Mikhail didn’t die. He faked his own death and then turned into a shouta so that he’d be more popular with the ladies win Alto’s heart.


P.s.: Screw young Allelujah, Ciel, Hitsugaya, and every other little boy anywhere, Shima’s the most adorable shouta that has ever existed!


9 thoughts on “I’ve figured it out…

  1. Michel-kun is… he’s ALIVE!!!!!! So so happy (cries tears of joy) but, but I liked him better when he was non-shouta.

    So its still a lose situation. On the plus side, he can be with Klan now and it wouldn’t be so icky XD

  2. @Sakura: Oh yeah, he’s not a lolicon if he’s shouta.

    @Kitsune: Noooooooooo….. hime is hime, himes are female, therefore, hime is female.

    @saimaisama: No one besides a girl who can throw a guy against the wall with pratically no effort. However, if you are attempting to steal him, I’m willing to help.

    @M12: I wish you luck, my friend.

    @epicoffee: YESSSSSSS………

    @Chucky: As long as it’s not my cat, I support you! Also, Shima wins, HANDS DOWN.

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