My love for dried plums

I’ve been loving them ever since I was 2 years old and had my first one, and I’ve come to love them even more after reading Mahoraba. The sweetness, the sourness, the saltiness….

I recently got a 1 kilogram bag of dried plums. I’m so happy…..


11 thoughts on “My love for dried plums

  1. I’m so weaboo that I call them “umeboshi”. Actually, the real reason is, my culture only has dried grapes (called “izyum”) and dried apricots, but not dried plum. Oddly enough.

  2. @Author

    They’re not technically plums anyways, they’re technically from the apricot family. (I’ve never eaten them, but the character “ume” is in my chinese name)
    In order to distinguish them from real plums, the trees are called “ume”, japanese apricot, or chinese plum.

  3. They look like huge raisins. I would like to try them sometime. This would be my face: >x<

    I watched the Mahoraba anime a year ago though I mostly remember it for the cosplay rape. The tsundere personality of Kozue didn’t know “Ryuuko”(?) was a boy! That episode was hilarious. I also remember the lazy mother Sayoko and not-so-lazy daughter Asami (had to wiki the names) who live in a room with carboard boxes and make artificial roses. And something about Asami and a bottle of juice… a very fun series indeed! But I hear the ending was quite different from the manga.

  4. @shirokiryuu: I didn’t know that they are different (to tell you the truth, if I haven’t read Mahoraba, I wouldn’t even know what kind of fruit they were made out of).
    @Xephyre: I don’t really like raisins, but trust me, try one of these and you’ll have no regrets.
    @Chucky: I’ve never watch the anime so I wouldn’t know, but I’ve heard that the anime was much lighter than the manga.

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