Naruto: The Broken Bond

I need to pay more attention to videogame news and dust off the old 360, Sakura has a new game to play, CHA!!!

Those wonderful, wonderful people at Ubisoft (when Hubby-sama gets it back I will for sure be playing Assassins Creed) are releasing a sequel of sorts to Rise Of A Ninja and this time not only will you get to play as Naruto, but you can also play as Sasuke and experience his story from his point of view.

Oh and you can also do missions in 3 man squads, oh yeah and play online to fight other teams DATTEBAYO! (Shakes head, I did not just say that, yes, yes I did. Bad Sakura, bad!)

X-Play you failed me, how did I not know this game was coming out? To be fair to them I haven’t exactly been watching that show of late, there’s always something else on at 8:00. Thankfully I picked up a copy of anime insider today and found an ad for this and so my eyes were opened.

It was a squee heard around the neighbourhood that announced my discovery. Sure Rise of A Ninja was piss easy to complete, but the game play was fun and Ubisoft really did outdo themselves developing Naruto’s world.

The race stages irritated me a little bit, but the fights were fun as was exploring the world and zipping along the rooftops of Konoha. Which this time, you’ll get to do as Sasuke-kun!

I didn’t enjoy the fight against Orochimaru so much since it just makes you feel dirty when he slaps you around with those snakes *shudder*. But I found it hard to put the game away, wanting to keep going and get on with the next mission. Rise of A Ninja had nice graphics, nice gameplay, but it was really easy and over quickly.

The Broken Bond looks very similar in tone to Rise Of A Ninja both graphics wise and in gameplay. As I mentioned earlier though there are some new features for this game. Unlike the first game where you could only play through the story as Naruto, this time you’ll have the option of playing as Sasuke.

Also you can team up with other characters when in combat, instead of just fighting alone as you did in Rise Of A Ninja. So far the only characters I’ve seen in the screenshots, are Sasuke, Neji, Chouji, Shikamaru and Kiba. Their website also has Sakura, Kabuto, Orochimaru and Itachi shown and says there will also be twenty others.

Online play where you and your team can face off against other teams, claims you’ll be able to pick from over 30 characters!

Hopefully these new features will expand on what made Rise Of A Ninja fun to play and make the experience even more enjoyable. I’ll be looking forward to killing some time with it in any case. XD

You can check out the trailer below and make up your own mind and if that gets you interested enough, head over to Ubisofts site to check out more screenshots, video and information on the upcoming game, which should be hitting stores some time in November. Ubisoft – The Broken Bond.

There will also be a demo up on Xbox Live. It should have gone up October 30th but has now been delayed. No release date has been set so you’ll just have to keep on the lookout for it! 🙂

(Edit added this video also with more gameplay shots)


8 thoughts on “Naruto: The Broken Bond

  1. One of the screenshots makes it look like Pokemons 😛 I know that Naruto is a foxy and Orochimaru is a snake, but who is in charge of the snail and the toad?

  2. @ Kitsune, Captain Trivia is right. Tsunade summons the huge slug you see called Katsuyu. Jiraiya and Narutocan both summon the huge Toad you see called Gamabunta and Orochimaru and Sasuke can both summon Manda the huge serpant, though Manda is usually more grumpy than Gamabunta about it.

    @ M12, Oh the graphics for Rise of A Ninja were beautiful so going from the screen shots, Broken Bond looks to be the same. The story for ROAN ended with the defeat of Gaara, BB picks up as Orochimaru kills the the Third Hokage.

    So I think Konoha will be depicted a little bit darker in tone this time. I’m looking forward to seeing the new environments. I don’t have a PS3, lack of games I wanted to play was our decision in not getting that. Although if Devil May Cry 4 had been PS3 exclusive we might have given some serious thought to getting one.

    We may still get one if the price is right 🙂 But I’m a nintendo whore so we had to get a Wii, which I dearly love and Hubby really wanted a 360 and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it. I was seriously addicted to Beautiful Katamari.

    And Hubby discovered we could access downloaded anime through the 360 and use that watch it on the 42 inch plasma. Macross Frontier’s battles looked SWEET on that huge screen.

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