Naruto 423 – The Deva Path’s Power

Kakashi-Sensei is hawt

So nothing much really happens this week, well not until the end. Kakashi along with Chouji and Chouji’s father come up with a plan to take on Pein…

The plan is sound and seems to be going according to plan…

I’m not asking him what his safety word is, you do it!

Unfortunately before Kakashi can land his final attack, Pein’s other body rises and takes the blow.

Things don’t look very good for Kakashi-Sensei, it appears he’s trapped and can’t move. Pein decides to attack from a distance, not trusting what will happen if he gets too close to Kakashi.


So is Kakashi dead, did Pein just take out his Sharingan or is this just all an illusion? I’m hoping for the latter, since Kakashi is always thinking way ahead. Its not inconceivable to think that getting Pein to think he was trapped and helpless is some part of whatever plan Kakashi had worked out with Chouji and his father. I’m going to take your advice Kakashi and look underneath the underneath, don’t let me down!

If not, I’m going to be one very unhappy Kakashi fangirl next week. Don’t make me angry Kishimoto, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry… SAKURA SMASH!

Until its confirmed I’m gonna refuse to believe my beloved Kakashi-Sensei is dead. If just for the fact that I can’t believe after taking Jiraiya away from him, Kishimoto would take another Sensei away from Naruto.

Also I have my doubts that Tsunade will continue on as Hokage until Naruto is ready to take the position himself. (Because I do believe one day Naruto will realize his dream). Her odds don’t look good seeing that two out of the legendary three are already dead. If Akatsuki don’t take her out, its highly unlikely she’ll live to a very old age just through her use of the Souzou Saisei, which causes her to age faster.

If she’s healing everyone in the village right now then she’s expending an awful lot of energy.

Granted there are probably many other qualified ninja we don’t know about and given Shikamaru’s genius maybe they would choose someone like Shika’s dad for the role. But if Tsunade were to die, I think Kakashi would be considered a candidate for Hokage himself.

He knows many jutsu, is a tactical genius and a pretty darned strong Ninja, his loyalty to Konoha is without question. Or Naruto could become the youngest Hokage in history… Given the council’s view on Naruto and the Kyuubi though I don’t really see that happening any time soon.


6 thoughts on “Naruto 423 – The Deva Path’s Power

  1. Kakashi was considered as a candidate for the Hokage by Tsunade in a previous chapter, wasn’t he? Or was that one of my Nestea Ice Tea fueled delusions?

    Kakashi dying would add more awesomeness to the series – I mean, they got it rolling with Jiraiya’s death and Kishimoto stopped being a fucking pussy when it came to killing characters off. What I disliked about this chapter is that Pein fucking managed to blow EVERY ninja away – and knock out all but three – with one fucking I’MMA REFLECTING YOUR LASER attack. If they were just generic ninja, sure, but these are supposed to be trained ninjas of Konoha. I think they’re jounin as well. Seriously, Akatsuki has been riddled with one god hax character after the other, and I’m sick as fuck of it. Sasori with his UNLIMITED PUPPETS WORKS, Kakuzu with his Hearts a’plenty and his Wires of Self-Actualized Healing, Hidan with his INFINITE LIFE Cheat, Orochimaru with his I’M IN YOUR BODY KILLING YOUR SOUL complex, Tobi with his Phase Ability (I couldn’t think of something witty for this one. D8) and finally Pein with his I-Got-God-Hax-Plus-I-Can-Replace-My-Fucking-Body Syndrome. Only Deidara, Itachi, Kisame and Konan are exempt from this, and even Deidara has his clay shit. From all of them, Itachi is probably the most appealing to me BECAUSE he doesn’t have some fucking immortality jutsu and his powerful abilities take a cost on him. It’s refreshing to see a villain – in a loose sense, since Itachi isn’t really a villain – suffer side effects from his awesome powers, as opposed to the typical “No, [Insert Name Here], that [Insert Power Here] is going to kill you if you use it again!” situation where [Insert Name Here] does use [Insert Power Here] and STILL FUCKING MANAGES TO SURVIVE DESPITE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAYS.

    Akatsuki. Lamest villians ever.

    Naruto. Sooner or later, I’ll hate it more than Inuyasha.

    But I’ll still read it to the end, though, unlike Inuyasha.

  2. Hmm well I seem to remember something along those lines too, so if you’re delusional then so am I. Must be all that assam in my tea blend, maybe I should switch to ginger tea for a while.

    But, but if Kakashi-sensei dies Sakura will be sad (pout).

    I totally agree about Akatsuki, I mean even if they are the best of the best hand picked by Madara, the power level of some of them is ridiculous.

    I absolutely hated Hidan and Kakuzu, oh lookie we can’t die. WTF??? Aren’t the tailed beasts supposed to be the most powerful beings in the land? So why are they all getting taken out so easily by this group?

    I understand you have to have a powerful bad guy, but the level of power is so unevenly stacked it borders on stupid.

    Itachi didn’t seem to feel like he could beat Madara, so with as powerful as he’s been lorded out to be, how can Sasuke and Naruto ever have a hope of defeating him right now?

    Aha!! I just totally thought of a reason why Kakashi-sensei can’t die. Given Madara’s power, I’ve felt for a long time that the key to his defeat, is in some part going to rely on Naruto using his fathers signature move.

    If Jiraiya hasn’t taught it to him (I guess he could have, we don’t know) then the only other person who could teach it to him would be Kakashi… So if he dies that wouldn’t be possible!

    My Kakashi-sensei is ALIVE!

  3. Yeah, I don’t think Kakashi is dead, either. He’s far to popular to kill off just like that. Fans would rage hard. They’d fucking RAGE. I would rage.

    Also, reading the Naruto Wiki, it states that Hidan did indeed die. Looks like the Immortality Jutsu won’t work unless you kill something. Which might seem like a glaring weakness, until you fucking realize that it’s nearly impossible to prevent him from killing people, and only the death of Kakuzu and his entrapment by Shikamaru managed to do it. OH HOW CONVENIENT. The only good thing that came out of the arc was the death of Asuma, and even that wasn’t as emotional as it could have been.

    What I don’t understand is why Kakashi didn’t use Mangeyoku (I really can’t spell that) Sharingan to warp Pein away. I mean, even if he can reflect physical attacks, there’s no fucking way in hell he can avoid being transported to another plane of existence.

    Which is ironic, I’m sure, cause one of Buddhist paths deal with planes of existence, if I recall. Or realms. Or whatever.

    Well, Madara isn’t totally impervious to harm. The Amateratsu from Sasuke’s Mangkyoku (I still can’t spell that) Sharingan managed to hurt him until he had to do some kind of super special awesome maneuver to stop it. Maybe he needs to be aware of the attack in order to phase it, or perhaps he just phased himself before going against Naruto and co. while he didn’t bother to, or expect Sasuke’s eye (see, it’s much easier when you say eye) to activate.

    Um… but the fourth had two teammates, remember? What about them? XD

    I’M IN YOUR BLOG KILLING YOUR DREAMS. [I’m in your manger killing your baby Jesus.]

  4. Well the Mangekyou Sharingan takes a lot out of Kakashi and I think by the point he’d figured out what Pein’s power was he may have already used up too much chakra in order to effectively use it. Instead he decided to put what he had into in that lightning clone.

    Plus he doesn’t have great control of it, but all he would need is to hit him somewhere and Pein was being detained so he had a clear shot…

    Nooooo don’t find holes in my logic that mean my precious Kakashi-sensei is expendable 😉

    Hmmm they could be dead or they’ll magically appear when Naruto needs to learn the move 🙂

    I don’t have dreams, I have NIGHTMARES MUHAHAHAHA! So its alright if you want to kill those 😛

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