Clannad AS: Misae arc

vlcsnap-19083Aww… I already played this and I knew that this was going to happen, but it touched me anyway. The ending felt a bit rushed, and the strange premise (it’s a life long love between a high school girl and a cat) did take away from a bit of the sentimentality. The irony came sharp though: he had unknowingly used the miracle to make himself appear human, but it’s only without the miracle that he can be with her, who didn’t want a miracle.

An interesting thing to note is that in the original game, there were no founder’s day and no fall festival, everything was happening around the school festival. During Tomoyo’s story, if the player has already completed Misae’s route, he can have the chance to help Misae find Shima and let them have the chance to enjoy the festival together.

You know what’s coming after this, don’t you?

vlcsnap-22045vlcsnap-26021vlcsnap-28418vlcsnap-28835vlcsnap-30066vlcsnap-30305vlcsnap-32495vlcsnap-33346vlcsnap-9943vlcsnap-10674vlcsnap-11539vlcsnap-116971vlcsnap-15858vlcsnap-16085vlcsnap-16221vlcsnap-16526vlcsnap-18006vlcsnap-18740HE’S SO CUTE…….vlcsnap-18924

But that’s not all, I also have an orange cat with green eyes (his name is Coco, after the girl in Ever17), so I have even more reasons to like him!


7 thoughts on “Clannad AS: Misae arc

  1. Cute…Shima-kun as a girl really looks like Misae somehow….
    And that cute little story…..
    Awwww…..This episode made me cry…….

  2. @Ali: First, instead of Misae, I’d say that she looks like that girl from Kanon (Mai’s best friend, s-something or another). Second: you didn’t think AIR was touching but you cried in this?


  3. It can’t be helped…What Tomoya said was so touching. And Shima’s so faithful (and cute)…
    Air just doesn’t click with me. It was too rushed in my perspective.So ideas don’t sink in properly. Or it’s just that Misuzu’s too shy and hardworking…

  4. You named your cat after Coco? That’s awesome :D.

    I don’t know if the arc was rushed. It’s just a short story that ended nicely :).

    Oh zomfg did anyone else catch the one second shot of Nishina Rie during the festival? Nishina :3…

    Anyway, Yukine’s arc is next – nice :D.

  5. Misae: “But I’ll guess I’ll play a lot with you today.” *blush*

    Oh wow, Misae is such a dirty lady. 😛 The end to this arc was sad, I knew it the moment she was getting drinks. “DO NOT GET DRINKS HE WILL DISAPPEAR!!”, I thought. I hope we get to see more of Shima.

    Air TV was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I cried buckets and I almost couldn’t bear myself to watch the ending. It’s still one of my favourite shows. ;_;

    Also, Choux, the picture of Misae, Kouko and Shima (vlc-snap16221) points to the wrong image.

  6. @Ali: I’d say it’s because Misuzu works so hard that she makes you feel too guilty…

    @M12: *Goes back and checks… I can’t find her!

    @Nishina: I haven’t heard anything good about her arc, but I’ll be nice.

    @Chucky: My comrade……..
    P.S.: The image’s fixed, thanks for telling me!

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