Enjoying Heaven’s feel

c_hf_1-06Words cannot describe how awesome of an character I think she is.

Ever since the patch has been released, I’ve been trying to finish Fate/stay night, but I just don’t have the time! I’m actually thinking about just taking a week long break from anime and this blog so I can finish it sooner.

Damn it, Type moon stuff is just too addictive. And when I finish this, I’ll have to go into withdrawal until the 4th Kara no kyoukai is released on December 17th…


Ilya commands you to play fate/stay night! Otherwise you’ll be bombarded by Cannonballs!

P.S.: Code Geass didn’t come from Sunrise, the phrase “Geass”, which means absolute command, came from Type Moon! The symbol of Geass came from a clock in Idolmaster Xenoglossia, does Sunrise have no creativity anymore?


10 thoughts on “Enjoying Heaven’s feel

  1. @The animanachronism: Ah, thanks for telling me. The spelling’s different so even if I DID come across it, I wouldn’t have recognized it.
    @Baka-Raptor: Be careful, if you stare at her the wrong way, she just might turn you into stone!

  2. OK…..
    I’m just here to show off that I already cleared the whole thing…
    AWESOME…ARCHER IS AWESOME…(totally ignores the useless shirou…)

  3. @Ali: I curse you.

    @maggeh: I think that the translators never checked the origin of the word, or maybe the Japanese were writing in from the sounds and got the English spelling wrong in the first place.

    @m3rryweather: Sigh… Sometimes I hear people wonder why eroges have h-scenes when they are usually not relevant to the plot. Sometimes I hear people complain about the lack of h-scenes in an eroge…

    @Miraploy: If it sounds the same and has the same meaning, I consider it to be the same word.

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