Naruto 424 – Determination


The healing power of SLUG is truly miraculous

So the Pein invasion of Konoha saga continues. Tsunade does her best to heal the wounded, although I have to wonder. WHY IN THE HELL HASN’T ONE OF THOSE SLUGS REACHED KAKASHI YET?


Tsunade protects her people. HOW BOUT SENDING SOME OF THAT KAKASHI’S WAY?


“Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.”

So Danzou’s aim is finally revealed, although was it really that hard to guess he was after the title of Hokage? With Akatsuki distracting everyone and Naruto not around to interfere he can finally take power.


So that’s where Mother Brain went to…

The interrogation unit searches through the prisoners brain for information. They don’t gleam much since the ninja of Rain don’t actually seem to know an awful lot about Pein. They see an image of Konan and learn that bodies were taken to a tower…


Ahh Kakashi-sensei, strong, smart and totally hawt.


Farewell Choza, we hardly knew ye. No seriously we didn’t know you at all!


That’s Kakashi, calm in the face of overwhelming odds

So Kakashi is alive, HELLS YEAH! Was there any doubt he would be? This is the famous copy ninja after all.


Do you feel lucky? Well… do ya?


Look into my eyes, you are feeling sleepy, very sleepy

Turns out he used his mangekyou to stop the projectile heading his way to survive. Chouji’s father wasn’t so lucky however, but Kakashi tells Chouji he can cry later. Right now he has to run and get the information about Pein’s power to the others. Pein has left the area but his other body is still going after Chouji, so Kakashi must use his Sharingan to keep him safe until he can get away.


Oh HELLS NO! There will be no Kakashi-Sensei death, I FORBID IT!

However given his low chakra, one more use of the mangekyou could very well kill Kakashi.

So still nothing really going on, we finally learn what Danzou’s plot was all about. Not that it wasn’t really very hard to figure out considering he was a sore loser about not being named Hokage himself.

Kakashi made it YAY, but now they are tormenting us with his possible death yet again and of course there will be NO CHAPTER NEXT WEEK!

So, I still doubt Kakashi will really die. Since Naruto can sense stuff through nature, will he feel a disturbance in the force and get back in time to save his sensei and get him to Sakura.

Will one of Tsunade’s damn slugs finally realize, their most badass ninja currently in the village needs a bit of medical attention?

Or will Sakura somehow come to the aid of her Sensei?

There are plenty of options available here to you Kishimoto, make the right choice. Save yourself the fan rage if you kill him and leave our precious Kakashi-sensei alive.

Just in case you decide not to comply, I’ll continue to sharpen this kunai and maggeh and I will start getting scripts ready to finish the manga off in the most badass way possible.

11 thoughts on “Naruto 424 – Determination

  1. RAGE!

    Ah, well. I called the Whatever-Wheel-Eye-Dimension-Warp last week… or did I? Very subtle, there. XD

    Well, even if Kakashi goes down, at least he goes down a badass, as opposed to “some dude who got a nail in his eye and died”, which would just be plain demeaning.

    I’m disappointed in Danzou. “I wanna be Hokage.” is all he can come up with? Unless, of course, he’s Uchiha Madara, in which case it’s pretty much justified, considering that Madara’s grudge has existed since the beginning of Konoha, and the Uchiha massacre that happened as a result of his not being Hokage. Then again, the Uchiha really have no one but themselves to blame, seeing as THEY supported Senju as well, and only began to realize that they were being ousted out of power during the Third Hokage’s second run as Hokage.

    Kakashi – might – not have had to go through this process if Naruto was called over, since ninja can travel really quickly. And Danzo killed the frog that prevented Naruto from getting to Konoha. Danzo didn’t want Naruto to come to Konoha cause he wanted to be Hokage. He wanted to be Hokage because he couldn’t become Hokage. Thus, we can therefore place the blame on the Third Hokage, since he became the Hokage instead of Danzo. Thus, Kakashi’s – supposed – death is on the Third Hokage’s hands.

    Yup, that logic makes perfect sense.

  2. @ maggeh, I think that is part of the reason why last week I really felt like Kakashi wasn’t dead. Or there really would have been RAGE if Kishimoto had decided to punk him out like that.

    Yeah, all that build up and all it comes down to is that Danzou wants to be Hokage.

    Hmm I see so Sarutobi is to blame. Although I have to say I had a blast playing him on the Broken Bond Demo. It was kinda fun laying the smack down on Orochimaru XD

  3. @ Kitsune, that’s what I thought at first too. But really its just that the people are small. Its supposed to be a representation of the Konoha Nin’s inside the captive Rain nin’s brain.

  4. Ohhhh…. Damn it… I hope Kakashi Sensei doesn’t die… Poor him.. I wonder what he meant by his last words (obito and Rin…).. Doesn’t it struck you funny?

    Anyway, if Kakashi sensei dies, who will be the coolest teacher around?? I really wish that I could at least get a small look of his whole face.. I heard that he is superrrrrr handsome… Do not die!!

    And finally, when will the main character realize that his home is in danger?? Doesn’t Naruto feel at least a little bit,.. Umm .. I don’t know, STRAGE?? I mean if he is getting stronger, at least he should of realize how bad konoha’s condition right now…

    Well,,.. Lets hope that all of this will somewhat be revealed to all of us on all the mysterys that has not been solved yet… Huhuhuhuhuuhuhu.. I am hoping for the best for Kakashi sensei..

    P.S. Do you know where I can get the sheets of music of Naruto on the piano?? What website?? I really want to play loads of anime songs on the piano, but don’t know where it is.. Do you know??

    Heheheh.. Sorry if it’s too long.. Don’t get tired of me ok? 😉

  5. gah! no naruto this week.
    WTH… Wow I’m not really noticing details, totally missed that Brain haha.
    The next coolest teacher after Kakashi would be Shikamaru.

  6. @ maggeh, lol well he certainly wouldn’t be pulling them with his looks. So far Konoha nin win in that department.

    @ mystery try this —>

    Well if Kakashi himself thinks he’s going to die I suppose its apt his last thoughts are of his old team mates.

    Well I guess it depends on how in tune with nature, Naruto is right now. I expect he’ll be feeling a disturbance in the force here soon and he’ll rush off home.

    Yes lets all keep our fingers crossed for our wonderful sensei and I not too long at all. We like in depth comments here.

    Hmm I agree with frog212, Shika would make a great sensei, but I totally like Anko.

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