Minori, the company which created Ef -a fairytale of the two-, has plans for a new game named Eden* (It’s meant to be spelled this way).  I think that the artist is the same one that worked on Wind -a breath of heart-.

Whenever I see a game like this that interests me, I weep because I can’t read Japanese…..

My source: Akiba Hiroi


10 thoughts on “Eden

  1. Go learn Japanese.

    I’m sure that by the time this is released you can read Japanese with the help of AGTH.

    It took me half a year before I started playing eroge in Japanese and it really wasn’t even that hard.

  2. Even if you knew a bit of Japanese, VNs like Ef would be a nightmare to read. With their… ‘very stylish’ dialogues and all.

    But hey, it’s nice to see Minori making a name for themselves :).

  3. @Aizen: I feel your pain.
    @m3rryweather: What a coincidence, thanks.
    @Ali: No.
    @4nBlue: For some reason AGTH hates my computer. 4 attempts and nothing worked. That plus my inability to understand even a shred of programming has, sadly, made my forever sever our relationship.
    @M12: Mmh Hmm, if they get famous enough and gather enough fans the translation for the latter tale just might get started (after 1/2 an year without even a single rumor, I’ve given up.)

  4. Oh god I LOVE minori. This news made my day when I first heard it at Otaku News Notes, but then it ruined my day when I remembered that I wouldn’t be able to read it even when it comes out >_<

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