Macross Frontier Nyan furo/tora review

macrossf_ost1_nyan_furo_coverThe music was possibly the best part in this great series, so now I’ll try my best to review these soundtracks.

First, Nyan Furo.

1. Frontier 2059
A decent piece of battle music, I thought that it was a mood setter but nothing more than that. 2/10
2. Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! (Sheryl On Stage)
This is possibly my least favorite song my May’n. It just doesn’t feel right when she speaks English… 4/10
3. What ’bout my star? (Sheryl On Stage)
Never mind, this is my least song by her. Her voice is very powerful and it just isn’t suited to a light song like this. 1/10
4. Iteza – Gogo 9ji – Don’t be late (Sheryl On Stage)
n good song by May’n and the backdrop to a great battle. 8/10
5. Vital Force
A cute little song when there’s a little bit of action. 8/10
6. Triangular
It’s nice, but I’ve never really liked Maaya Sakamoto and I can’t help but think that she’s straining a bit too much on the higher notes.  7/10
7. Zero Hour
Victory music! 8/10
8. What ’bout my star?@Formo
Nakajima Megumi’s voice isn’t really powerful, but it’s wonderfully suited to this song. I only wish they didn’t have an May’n insert. 9.5/10
9. Innocent green
A gentle song for everyday life. I’ve always loved songs with string instruments and pianos, so this one gets a high rating. 9/10
10. Aimo
The only song in the entire series that I can actually sing. Therefore it MUST get a high mark. All kidding aside, this is a very relaxing lullaby-like song, and the sense of nostalgia that comes with it is amazing. 10/10
11. Big Boys
A nice piece of battle music. A tad repetitive though. 6/10
12. Private Army
A track with a strong beat and a good backdrop to a battle, but it’s lacking a little something it you’re listening to it on its own. 6/10
13. SMS Shoutai no Uta ~ Ano Musume wa Alian
Military march. Just…… NO. 1/10
14. Ninji-n Loves you yeah!
A short but sweet song written for rainbow colored carrots. How can anyone dislike this song? 9/10
15. “Chou Jikuu Hanten Nyan Nyan” CM Song (Ranka Version)
The best song in the whole soundtrack. 10/10
16. Alto’s Theme
Maybe it’s because I’ve never really liked Alto’s character, but I just didn’t like this track. 4/10
An adrenaline-inducing piece of battle music. 7/10
18. The Target
The most overused piece of battle music (in my memories, at least). 6/10
19. Bajura
An ominous piece of build-up music. 4/10
20. Kira Kira
I have no idea what this is, I can’t remember a single time in the series that I’ve heard this and I can’t even make a guess as to what it’s used for. It simply seems like a repeating series of piano cords. 1/10
21. Aimo ~ Tori no Hito
I liked the original Aimo, and this is simply an expanded version with more instruments and birds. However, the background melody and the extra chorus seems a bit forced to me. 8/10
22. Take Off
A song about the joy of flying, this is pretty much the theme of Macross frontier. 8/10
23. Infinity
Everyone who listened to this song was impressed by it, but I don’t feel as if it’s a song that is meant to be listened to repeatedly. 7/10
24. Diamond Crevasse
I simply love this song, as May’n finally gets chance to sing a powerful song that really fits her voice. Absolutely amazing. 10/10

Nyan Tora
1. Prologue F
A very powerful track that seems like the prelude to a battle. 10/10
2. Northern Cross
A song packed with power and energy, and my second favorite song my May’n. The hint of sadness in it only makes the song better. 10/10
3. Triangler
While May’n voice is very powerful, Ai’s voice is considerably weaker. That’s why, in my opinion, they should never sing together. When I listen to the song, May’n completely overpowers Megumi and everything feels out of balance. 7/10
4. High School Life
A preolonged version of the preview music. Short but still too repetitive. 5/10
5. Transformation
A strong and heavily layered piece of battle music. I’ve always loved orchestral music, and this is an excellent example of Youko Kanno’s talent. 9/10
6. Anata no Oto
Dokun, dokun, dokun! A very nice song that tells the mixed feelings of a girl in love. Megumi’s voice (and Ranka’s character) suits this song very well. 10/10
7. Test Flight Delight
A happy little song about flying.  7/10
8. Seikan Hikou
One of the most overplayed songs in the history of the universe and the one that greatly pushed Ranka’s popularity. I like this song but I’ve just listened to it too many times… 8/10
9. Inu Mimi Ranka
A mischievous tune about Ranka’s small adventures. 8/10
10. Yousei
A touching song by May’n. While it isn’t as powerful as Diamond crevace, it’s still very nice to listen to. It’s a bit repetitive and I don’t particularly like the middle of the song, but I LOVED the beginning and the haunting ending. 9/10
11. Tsuioku no Trumpet
I’ve never really liked trumpets, or even brass instruments in general, so I didn’t really like this piece. 5/10
12. Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
Put your hands up: How many people cried when they first heard this song? It was one of the most touching moments in the entire series, and this song always brings good memories. 10/10
13. Ai Oboete Imasuka ~ bless the little queen
I wasn’t that fond of the original song, and this version isn’t that good either (I know that the fan boys are going to try to pelt me with tomatoes, but that’s my opinion, okay?).  6/10
14. Ao no Ether
A sad song sang for Ranka’s parting, it’s repeatably talks about not being able to let the person that she loves know about her feelings. 9/10
15. is this LOVE?
A more techno piece, I suppose that this could be battle music, but that doesn’t seem right. Nevertheless, it’s nice. 9/10
16. shadow of Michael
Michael is like peanut butter, I never realized how much I liked it until I didn’t have it for a long time. This is a slow and peaceful song fitting for remember someone that you wish was still alive. 10/10
17. Aimo O.C.
I don’t like this version of Aimo, as the guitar and the drums seems to leech away at the clarity of Megumi’s voice. 8/10
18. Battle Frontier
An ominous piece of battle music. 5/10
19. Nyan Nyan Service Medley~Lion~Infinity~Watashi no Kare wa Pirate~Diamond Cravesse~Seikan Hikou~What ’bout my star?~Lion~Ai Oboete Imasuka~
Who doesn’t like this song? This is the best remix of any song that was ever sang! 10/10
20. Protoculture
A peaceful song filled with strange twittering, it feels like a newly born child or hope for things to come. 6/10

Okay, I KNOW that there are people who just skimmed through this post, well, this last paragraph is for you: the BGM is awesome, May’n shouldn’t sing pop, and Nakajima Megumi shouldn’t sing with May’n. The first OST starts off weak but gets very good as it goes along, while the second OST (which is also my favorite) starts strong and ends appropriately.

For those of you who just scrolled down to the bottom to see the overall rating:  The first OST averages out to a 6.4 but feels like a 8, while the second OST averages to 8.1 but feels like a 9.

For those of you who are just here to see if it’s worth getting: Of course they are! Now go and get every single album and soundtrack for this series! GO!


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