Clannad AS ep7: conspiracy!


Kyoani is trying to turn everyone into shouta cons, I’m sure of it. Since they can’t use Shima now, they’ve introduced this guy! This episode was  mainly introduction and set up though, nothing much to talk about.


P.S.: Tomoya, Tomoya, Tomoya…… I expected more from you……


8 thoughts on “Clannad AS ep7: conspiracy!

  1. @Kitsune: I’ve always seen hidden potential in him, but I guess he will be destroyed by his love for older women in the end…..
    @Chucky: As long as he doesn’t start acting like a certain masked character in a certain gundam series, I’m fine with it.
    @ Baka-Raptor: Wahh! I didn’t notice. Sorry, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any further appearances by your highness!

  2. Yeah it’s funny how Clannad season two is filled with shouta. Yukine rules :3.

    Hope to see you on VJutsu roleplay! We’ve just started 🙂 – fun times.

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