Sebby Update [Insert Fangirl Scream]

Random fact I realized about my love for Sebastian after reading the manga: my favorite part of his body is his perfectly-sculpted back. It’s broad, but thin. And just way too beautiful.

Weird, yes, but I’ve neglected my precious butler for too long.


So it has occurred to me that I’ve missed four episodes of Kuroshitsuji. Regrettably, yes, but I dislike sitting here and writing summaries for each, so I sort of lumped my thoughts together for these episodes.

Episode Three

To be completely honest (not that I wasn’t before), I never watched this episode. I’ve read about it, and it’s about Ciel’s fiancee and the importance of the ring he wears. I don’t quite remember, but it was supposedly passed from generation to generation after so many deaths. (Perhaps it signifies some kind of relationship with the Queen?) I don’t really know, but honestly, I really don’t think the ring will be of much importance. Anyhow, Sebby progressively gets scarier and scarier every episode. Makes me wonder whether he really cares for Ciel, or just likes being a pawn in Ciel’s game, for amusement.


Episode Four – Six

These episodes comprise the “Jack the Ripper” Arc, and an introduction to Madam Red, Ciel’s aunt. Not much happens in episode four except for the hunt of Jack the Ripper, which also includes amazing footage of Ciel cross dressing as a Madam Red’s niece.


and a little of this

k42…and a little of that…

k43I’m kidding. It’s Ciel trying to fit into a corset.

As we cross into episode five, things pick up and we are introduces to the real Jack the Ripper – Madam Red and her butler Greil, who is in reality, a death God. The whole story behind Madam Red is introduced – she loved Ciel’s father, who told her she looked beautiful with red hair and red clothes. However, he instead got married to Madam Red’s sister. Madam Red thought she could live with this, and married another man and got pregnant. However, after her husband getting killed and her losing her baby in an accident, Madam Red was devastated. Upset that prostitutes wanted her to get rid of their babies, Madam Red decided to kill them with the help of the shinigami, Greil.

Upon sharing her secret, Madam Red decides to kill Ciel. However, she cannot because Ciel is the child of her sister and the man she loved. Because of her hesistation, Greil kills her. After her death, Ciel orders Sebby to kill Greil.

k51Does anyone else get the beejeebies from those haunting voices that always play when Sebby turns evil?

The outcome of the battle becomes apparent in episode six.


But alas, Sebby doesn’t have his revenge as the sexiest Death God shows up and takes Greil away.

k61I’m serious. If you look like William T Spears (exact features please), contact me.

Anyhow, Spears takes Griel back to Shinigami Headquarters for disobeying rules of killing random people and using an unrecorded weapon (ie, his chainsaw). Thus the case of Jack the Ripper is solved. The rest of the episode is of Ciel adorning his aunt’s funeral with a red dress and red flowers. The next few scenes are too deep for me now to understand (it’s 3:30 in the morning), but just know that even if Ciel does the all the dirty work and has to kill to reach his goals, Sebastian will stand by his side throughout. At least this is what I understood, from the gist of things. Really beautiful ending, however. It parallels to a game of chess, and coupled with the music where a child sings in the background makes it such a beautiful scene. Watch it. I’ve included the quote from Sebby, even if you don’t.


That’s how it has to be! You should use your pawns in the best way possibly and keep struggling to live on, using the madam, myself, and all the other pawns within your reach. Even if the empty shells of pawns pile up beneath the throne, once the king is gone, the game is over. … If you wish, I will follow you, no matter where you go. Even if the throne crumbles and the brilliant crown rusts, even if the empty shells of pawns pile up and we rest upon their decaying bodies, I will lie beside your small form.

[and I add from the manga..] … Until I hear the words “Check Mate”.

I’m out – goodnight!

PS. Lolis (as I promised several people *coughShincough*) in the near future.

7 thoughts on “Sebby Update [Insert Fangirl Scream]

  1. YAY for sexy butlers, and YAY for sexy butlers with sexy specs. 🙂

    See everyone thinks the female otaku population is in love with Sasuke, actually we all drool over Sebby. XD

    And Greil, reminds me of Karin from Naruto LMAO!

  2. Does anyone else get the beejeebies from those haunting voices that always play when Sebby turns evil?

    I don’t know what beejeebies stands for, but I did like the chants and the music 🙂

    Kuroshitsuji is one of the best anime this year 🙂

  3. @Chucky: Lol, but you know, it would have been better if it were a BL scene… XD

    @Shin: I dunno. That’s up to you to answer. :]

    @Sakura: Haha, no Sasuke. Sebby all the way – and if I can’t have him, I’ll take William. Greil has.. cool hair, but honestly he isn’t that pretty 😦

    @Kitsune: Stands for… hmm. Like getting the shivers? Those chants FREAK me out, it’s scary. But I do like the little kid singing in the background :]

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