Pandora hearts: the anime?

532971Hohoho, I’ll be looking forward to this…

To those of you who don’t know, Pandora hearts is a very interesting action fantasy manga by Mochizuki Jun with a theme of old tales and magic such as the Wizard of Oz and Alice in wonderland. The main character’s an absolutely adorable little boy and the main girl’s a kick ass loli tsundere. You can read it here.

The director’s the same one who worked on To love ru, and the studio’s Xebc, which produced series such as Buso Renkin, D.N.Angel, Kanokon, Shaman King, Shuffle! and To Love-Ru.


P.S.: I just had 4 chocolate peanut butter volcanoes, and they were DELICIOUS.

P.P.S.: Yes, I know that they have nothing to do with Pandora hearts, but I wanted to brag.


9 thoughts on “Pandora hearts: the anime?

  1. Thanks for the link to the scanlations, it looks interesting enough to make me check out the manga. But Kanokon and To Love Ru’s director? Umm, i hope there’s less fanservice in this one or none at all ^^;

  2. Shuffle!… Kanonkon… Indeed, I hope there won’t be excessive fanservice in this show!

    But yeah, I like the general feel of this title. I’m going to check it out :D.

    Feed me chocolate.

  3. Oh…this series looks so cool (going to read it right now).

    I wouldn’t worry too much about fanservice though since Kanokon and To Love-Ru’s source material were both…um yeah. Worse in some cases than it was in the anime.

  4. 0_0
    Oh boy…I think I’m gonna cry…T__T
    My happiness can not be expressed with words………

  5. @Chucky: WOW.

    @M12: Pay me and fresh, melting chocolate will be delivered to your door.

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah, but what I’m worried about is that the studio will try to add in extra fanservice. *Shudder.

    @Ali: Really? Good. Now GO AND FINISH EVER17!

  6. Well… I know this is late but..

    Anyway, I loved DNAngel (manga AND anime) and I love Pandora Hearts too so I guess I am not too worried about the director.

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