Ef melo 6: It’s always the cheerful one…


WOW. That was an amazing episode which bumped my like for Yuuko by several hundred bars. Sure, it’s one of the most stereotypical situations that she could possibly land in, but it gathered sympathy from me, and it was done in a beautifully original way. I will now try to decipher what the various symbols mean within the episode.

1 sentence summary: While Nagi can’t bring herself to draw, Yu tells Yuko that he loves her, only to have her ell him that she has been abused by her brother for years.

vlcsnap-61268In this scene, the contrast between the 2 characters are focused on. While Yuko is mostly black, a color that people associate with “bad things”, her colors stay true to what she looks like normally. However, Yuko has black hair, which shows his reserve and confusion toward her.


Nagi, as an artist, can’t express herself, therefore there’s an lack of expression.


While her artistic self is suffering, tied down by her emotions, her own self isn’t bound, but is still unmoving, as her artistic self is holding her down.


Her background is unknown, which explains the scrambled background. Meanwhile, she can’t seem to affect the world around her, being only able to accept the various things that are happening around her. This is reflected by how you can see the sky through her transparency.


At this point, Yu’s losing his indecision from earlier, he is beginning to shed his colors (which, perhaps, stood for his original dislike for Yuko?)


This an excellent combination of symbols, both of the half mask showing how she’s only saying lies (if it’s a complete mask then she wouldn’t be saying anything at all), it also reflects the masks that Kuze owns. The sky shining through her shows how powerless she is and how she can’t affect anything.


This scene shows ow to her, everything happens in an never ending loop, somehing that she can never escape from.


This scene really highlights the difference between Nagi and Yu. Being of different genders with different problems on different sides of the door, Yu can’t understand what Nagi is saying, even though, ironically, he’s also trying to have someone love him in return (silly boys…)

vlcsnap-65951vlcsnap-66036This shining orbs from the violin and also on the roof are everyday happiness. No matter how much Yuko might wish for it, no matter how much o it’s constantly around her, she can’t seem to reach it. in fact, she’s so used to failure that she ignores their existence, and can only gaze at the overbearing stormy sky.

vlcsnap-66285vlcsnap-66608As Yu’s talking to her, Yuko slowly stops being accepting of everything, and gives up maintaining her facade of an appearance, which is hows through the stained glass. But no matter what, her face is not shown and her heart is hidden, unknown, rejecting.

vlcsnap-66751vlcsnap-66807As hard as he tries to capture her heart (the greed ribbon), she can’t accept him as long as he doesn’t know the truth, which is hidden behind her black face. Even though she temporaly dispels it with his kiss, he can’t understand that she will always see herself being faceless, closing herself from others.vlcsnap-68200vlcsnap-72253Her body is broken and tattered, especially to her own point of view. She sees it as something not worth looking at, as something that should only be hidden and chained away. She sees every touch as something that taints her and contaminates her, even if it’s by herself. That is also another reason that she distances herself from others, because of her inferiority complex.


All the tarot cards shows in this episode show how the 2 girls feel as their futures, their situations were already decided from the start and can’t be changed. Their struggle for hope are only refuted by the events around them.

vlcsnap-71977At this point, Yu, who has come to terms with his feelings, is no longer black. However, his outline is fuzzy, showing his confusion, guilt, and pain.vlcsnap-72668

“You can always forget…”

I really dislike this line. No matter what happens, a person can’t just brush it away and pertane that it never happened! How ironic that he’s saying this now, when he was telling her to stop simply accepting everything an episode earlier.

vlcsnap-72803With this image, Yuko tries to break away from Yu’s fantasy, to drag him back to “reality”. Rena, eat your heart out.

vlcsnap-73529This was an extremely powerful scene, with ash Yumiko Nakajima doing a wonderful job at voice acting. Her wounds serve as chains which binds her, dragging her down a sea of despair.

vlcsnap-75192In the end, the glass shatters, symbolizing the fact that her secret is no longer hidden. The glass comes in between them, just as her problems and  his guilt is sure to come between them.

vlcsnap-75547Lastly, I have to wonder why Yuko has tried to make Yu feel so guilty. That shouldn’t benifit her in any way. Maybe she really did curse him, and only told him that she loved him to eser her own guilt?


7 thoughts on “Ef melo 6: It’s always the cheerful one…

  1. @Lolikitsune: Who?
    @Kitsune: Oh I’d highly recommend it. Even though there aren’t many people who voted, The first season is in the top 20 highest rated at ANN. The animation is great and the music is beautiful. The first season starts out a bit slow though.

  2. I almost think though, that to really appreciate melodies you need to see memories first… I’m not talking in terms of plot confusion, but about appreciation for the characters (especially Yuu).

  3. The 2 seasons are almost standalone, and the main characters of this season played only an small, insignificant role there. I WOULD recommend watching the first season first though.

  4. Nice post. I think you missed the blinking eye thing which is shown to indicate whenever Yuu is lying. If you go back, you can see that there’s an image of Yuu’s eyes blinking when he says she can forget, that she still has a future, etc. I think that indicates that he’s lying. Also when Yuuko asked him why he didn’t want a little sister, he said he didn’t want her to be a replacement, and again, it showed the blinking eye which would indicate he was lying then too as Yuuko indicated.

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