Naruto Shippuden Online for free in the U.S


According to ANN Viz will screen the first eight episodes of Naruto Shippuden on January 2nd.

Eight more episodes will be uploaded every friday thereafter until all the earlier episodes are online. Then beginning on January 15th they will air the most recent episode of Shippuden within a week of its original Japanese broadcast, after which the next latest episode will air every Thursday with English subtitles.

Episodes will be uploaded to although they will also be uploaded to both Joost and Hulu.

In addition Viz announced that they will be speeding up the manga releases. Volumes 34-44 will be released between February and April next year which means the American release will be pretty much caught up with the current Japanese releases.


10 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden Online for free in the U.S

  1. I would love to see this series, especially since I think the original Naruto series is so great. Only thing is, I’m not into subtitles (except when watching yaoi), so I’ll just have to wait until they dub it. Hopefully I won’t have to wait longer than six months.

  2. @ Kitsune, very true, hopefully if this proves to be popular, similar things can be done with other shows.

    @ Ria, I think CN is getting close to the end of the original series. But they have yet to release any information on when or if they will air Shippuden. I tend to think they will given Naruto’s popularity.

    With the shows being streamed so quickly you would think it wouldn’t take them too long to dub them.

    ANN lists the last episode of the orignal series being aired on March 14th if CN keeps up with their current airing schedule for Naruto. So unless they speed it up, you more than likely aren’t going to be seeing Shippuden before March 14th of next year.

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