tora dora 4


Admit it, your room looks like this too.

The previous episode focused on Ryuji and his love for Minori. This time round sees a shift to Taiga and her adoration of Kitamura. For some reason I just didn’t find her antics as cute as Ryuji’s were last episode, but we do get to find out just how she fell for Kitamura Yusuke in the first place.


Taiga, super stalker at your service.

Whilst wading through the mess that is Taiga’s apartment to wake her up for breakfast, Ryuji comes across Taiga’s treasure. She has tons of Kitamura pictures, it doesn’t look like photography is her strong point though since all the pictures are fuzzy and out of focus.


Because I’ve done it this many times!

The very nice but obviously masochistic Ryuji offers to take a photo of Kitamura for Taiga.


Let me touch it!

Whereas I found Ryuji’s antics last week cute, Taiga’s behavior around Kitamura just comes across as painfully embarrassing. Such as when she greets him in the morning with a woefully outdated good morning greeting from an old t.v show, although he does reply in kind so maybe its not all bad.


Ahh feel the killing intent from here.

Perhaps the reason Taiga is so grouchy all the time has to do with the fact that the object of her affections is very popular with the ladies. She can barely contain her rage as the girls in class flirt with him and even after he leaves he’s still the topic of conversation.


C’mon just give me a hint. What color are they?

Even the student council President Sumire Kano is not safe from Taiga’s rage. She is a forgetful girl and so Kitamura has to whisper very closely in her ear a few times. Taiga’s anger boils over and Kitamura has to race over to calm her down.


Is this what they call foreplay?

Kitamura likes to think outside the box though and instead of just slapping a hand over her loud mouth he holds her up in the air.


Taiga likes it rough

Later in class all Taiga can do is daydream about being held by her beloved Kitamura. Even if the embrace was anything but romantic in nature. However she worries that she caused trouble for Yusuke and wants to apologize but he turns up to tell her not to worry about it and Taiga and Ryuji end up joining Kitamura and Minori for lunch.


He was the one who touched me in appropriately.

Kitamura remarks on how good Taiga’s lunch looks and remarks that she’s been bringing lunches from home a lot recently and asks if she makes them herself. Since being near her love renders Taiga speechless she is only really able to point and mumble in Ryuji’s direction to signify that he is the one who made her lunch.

Not wanting anybody to be confused about the relationship between Taiga and himself Ryuji comes up with an excuse on the fly. He says that he is making lunches for extra money just like Minori styles phones. Kitamura and Kushieda seem to readily accept the explanation and say they would like to eat a lunch made by Ryuji.


Yes among these will be the best picture, my preciousss

Taiga gets impatient waiting around for Ryuji to get her picture of Yusuke and so takes it upon herself to snap the shot. Watching her dart around like she’s on a sugar high, Ryuji realizes that the camera wasn’t the reason all the shots were blurry. She gets really excited when Kitamura makes a hit and has to duck down so she isn’t seen.


Ahh yes serving the best, overpriced, pretentious, coffee there is.

Once away from the game Taiga and Ryuji stop at a coffee shop so she can peruse her new collection of photos. She gets very excited when Ryuji tells her to pick one she finds special and he will laminate for her.


She’ll be stealing his underpants next!

Unfortunately Taiga can’t seem to make a decision about which picture she likes the best.


Taiga prefers her potatoes square

Taiga decides that since its her fault Ryuji will have to make lunches for everyone she will help him cook. Although Ryuji is sure the prospect of Kitamura eating whatever she might help him prepare has something to do with it.


Yasuko adores Taiga’s mini onigiri 🙂 They are cute like Taiga. After their meal Ryuji presses Taiga for the picture so he can laminate it, but she still has a choice to make. He tells her she can pick a couple if she’s having trouble and that makes her angry. She heads off to her apartment to quiet her heart so she can choose.


Kushieda prepares for her girl on girl custard wrestling match.

Ryuji wants photos like Taiga, but of course of his love Kushieda Minori. As luck would have it she gives him one of herself preparing a bucket full of pudding o_0.


Kitamura has a ninja bingo book and Taiga is in it!

Still unable to choose a picture she likes, Taiga tells Ryuji to choose one and storms off. Kitamura catches him at it though and shows Ryuji his book which contains a picture of Taiga. He tells a flabbergasted Ryuji that he had liked Taiga in the past. Kitamura had actually confessed to Taiga but she had shot him down.


My first time was magical.

Ryuji is understandably shocked and confused. If Taiga liked Kitamura then why did she reject his confession and if Kitamura liked Taiga why did he not just go out with her when she confessed?

Taiga tells Ryuji that she doesn’t like any of the pictures she has of Kitamura. She wants one that captures the expression on his face when he confessed and so none of the pictures she has are good enough.

Yes Taiga rejected Kitamura but back then she wasn’t really aware of him. It was his actual confession which caused Taiga to begin to like him, since he treated her normally.

Poor Taiga, she realizes she really liked Yusuke after she had already rejected his confession. Is it too late for her to snag him? After all he did pretty much reject her recent confession, does that mean he no longer likes her in that way anymore? I guess we’ll find out in due time right!


15 thoughts on “tora dora 4

  1. hahaha Your captions are filled with latent content! How evil of you 😛

    You selected some interesting screenshots 🙂

    The Minori “bucket” picture was desecrated shortly after the episode aired…

  2. I still stand by my belief that Taiga was one of the more developed tsunderes out there. Her character is actually dimensional and thoroughly thought out. It sometimes feels like a shame to label her as just a tsundere, it doesn’t do her justice. Personal bias aside, this episode wasn’t up to par with the past 3 in terms of quality. It’ll get more interesting with Ami’s character getting into the mix.

  3. Actually, my room doesn’t look messy like that ;)! I’m a bit of a clean freak.

    Toradora is probably the best show this season. Nice review. I’ll be sure to follow.

    Hope to see you on VJutsu again soon :).

  4. @ sunggyu, I have to agree that there is more than meets the eye with Taiga. Part of the reason she does get so riled up is because people just label her as scary without getting to know her. Its got to be frustrating to be so misunderstood.

    @M12, lol I’m a bit of a neat freak myself so my bedroom doesn’t look like that either!

    Thanks I managed to post a few days ago but not as much as I’d like. I’ve been trying to get caught up here and have been working on another site too. I have next week off so I can catch up on all the sites I’ve been slacking at!

  5. Who I find interesting in this series is Kitamura. I’m a Minorin fan, but her charms are obvious. Kitamura I believe (as episode 5 will imply) is how Toradora! idealizes its audience. His way of being with people: accepting without judgment – is how we are invited to look at the characters of the show.

  6. @ ghostlightning, I do have to agree with you that Kitamura is interesting. Particularly as you point out because he is happy to be around with someone without judging them.

    Back in episode 2 Taiga was frustrated with the world for the way everyone treated both her and Ryuji. Upset that no-one supported them, but really that isn’t strictly true.

    After all Taiga began to fall in love with Yusuke precisely because he didn’t treat her like everyone else. Also given how Minorin prostrated herself before Ryuji when she thought they were dating, its obvious she sees Taiga as a very good friend.

    This of course also extends to Ryuji, Minorin isn’t put off by his scary eyes and Kitamura is a good friend to him.

    They are there in the sidelines, gently lending their support.

  7. I think this might indicate that Taiga’s in love with the Kitamura from the past, not the present (ie. the Kitamura who liked her). The sudden realization that she liked none of those pictures might be the fact that on closer inspection, he’s no longer the person she fell in love with, so she’s no longer in love with him.

  8. @ Rawr, that’s a great point and one I totally hadn’t thought of. Perhaps that is why Kitamura doesn’t seem to be actively pursuing her, because he has come to that conclusion himself.

  9. hi…………………… i really like this cause…… its very2………….. funy…………………………. and its rmantic. isnt it hehehe. ilove u taiga aisaka…………… i8 raelly like y attedtude hehheeh……………… i d wish i want 2 b like u…………………. thats my wishhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………………………………………maohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. i…………………… i really like this cause…… its very2………….. funy…………………………. and its rmantic. isnt it hehehe. ilove u taiga aisaka…………… i8 raelly like y attedtude hehheeh……………… i d wish i want 2 b like u…………………. thats my

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