The end of Heaven’s Feel


EVERYTIME there’s a character like Ilya, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Why? Why……. (and why is she older than Shiro? That’s just not right.)

So, after years of waiting, I’ve finished Fate/stay night, and it is definitely one of the best stories I’ve ever read. The graphics were also nice, and the music works very well (I’m looping Emiya right now). I have this feeling of happiness from finally finishing, but it’s being overshadowed from despair of knowledge that there’s no more Fate/stay night…….

It’s only 1 more month until Kara no kyoukai comes out though, so I’ll be looking forward to that.happy-end

Now, back to Da capo…


7 thoughts on “The end of Heaven’s Feel

  1. Oh great!!
    You are done faster than I thought…
    But I don’t remember seeing that first CG though…(PRETTY ILYA…..)Is it Realta Nua?
    And Rin looks good when she’s older too….

    Now..On to Fate/HA…

  2. You read that pretty fast! I started Ever17 about four months ago, and I still haven’t finished -_-… Anyway, now that you say it’s that great, I’m pretty keen on checking it out!

  3. make no mistake you guys this route is so freaken long that it will make your eyeballs bleed. seriously I had to play for like 7 hours just to get over the halfway point.

  4. @Kitsune: Hmm… Now that I think about it Index IS similar to Ilya…
    @Ali: Good luck with THAT.
    @M12: I remember when I played Ever17….. I’d play for hours and finished the entire thing in 8 days…. Good times…… Good times……
    @kody: I suppose it was pretty long, but I’m a fast reader, so it was okay.

  5. So girls play eroges too. On another note, there’s still Fate Zero which is a prequel of sorts, and Ataraxia, which is really just a canon spin off with no real impact on the story.

  6. Oh, I’m planning to read fate zero as soon as there’s a finished translation. As for ataraxia, people on Chinese forums have been working on it for years. I’m hoping that it’ll come out before the olympics, but that might be too optimistic. One of my friends is actually trying to play it, but she only has minimal Japanese skills (self taught) so I don’t know how much luck she’s having.

    Is the fact that I play mildly surprising or shocking? I’m curious.

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