Ef a tale of melodies 7

ev02_139c03_mugaiThat was an difficult episode to watch, mainly because the 2 male protagonists landed themselves in situations that were so pathetic that I can’t even gather pity for them.

1 sentence summary:  Yu got beaten up when he tried to kill Amamiya, while Kuze rejects Mizuki further, only to realize that he wants to live.

vlcsnap-58141The first thing that I noticed was that all the colors were reversed in the opening. Was this done to show the change of atmosphere or a change in the goals of the protagonists?

vlcsnap-63786Whew, I was right. There was no way that Nagi would consider herself to be Kuze’s fiancee. Though I have to wonder what’s her ultimate role is within the story. With the way that the story is progressing, it seem like the writers are giving her small roles so that the audience won’t forget about her.

vlcsnap-72919Finally, after 6 episodes of suspense, we finally find out just what was that strange shape in the op (I was beginning to think that we’d never find out).  However, this destroys my conspiracy theory

vlcsnap-64296This wasn’t right. I understand that she wanted to use his guilt as a way to escape from her life, but isn’t there far easier ways to kill her brother? Using a teenage boy with a knife is just much too messy.

vlcsnap-71840vlcsnap-72651These 2 scenes disturbed me. If there’s 1 thing that I hate, it’s overly physical angst. Can’t we just avoid those things?

vlcsnap-72386SHAFT is really good with these short, one sided conversations. Every single one of them was very powerful, and now, we actually have a male character doing it! Poor Kuze, if only Mizuki didn’t fall in love with him, he wouldn’t be so confused…

vlcsnap-64007vlcsnap-71323vlcsnap-71465vlcsnap-71551vlcsnap-72142Mizuki only has a small part in this episode, but the ending song has switched back to hers again.

vlcsnap-73065I do not know who the artist is, but then again, I’ve given up at all attempts to name them… Maybe in a few years, after I expand my database…


3 thoughts on “Ef a tale of melodies 7

  1. I liked the Yuu-Amamiya encounter: it was predictable, but that just means the characters acted in a way that their development up to now would have us expect (which is good). IMHO, it’s not that Yuuko wants Yuu to kill her brother, it’s her brother who wants Yuuko to get someone to kill him. Twisted.

  2. I like Nagi will play a bigger role after this ‘arc’ is over. Well, if there’s still time, that is!

    Yeah, Kuze seemed pathetic, but at the same time, it was kind of nice. He learns he wants to live, which is cool :). Hopefully there won’t be a really sad ending.

    Those ‘one sided conversations’ are neat indeed. However, he’s just using a lot of different adjectives to express the same thing. Well, maybe it’s just me. It’s cool to be different, but yeah.

    Nice review :).

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