Manga extravaganza! First up: Tsubasa RC

Okay, so manga kinda slipped out of my mind for the past 2 months, and when I FINALLY checked I realized that I’m really behind in a lot of things. This extravaganza is here to fix that. I’m skipping the Clannad post (never really cared about Yukine anyway) and writing a large amount of extremely short posts about manga.

Here’s an example:



Because Shaoran (org) had tried to save Sakura (org), he created a warp in time. So, he ended up being cloned, only to have the clone be with Sakura (from the warped time), and mistakenly traveling to try and save Sakura (the clone) who was going to die anyway.

Because Shaoran (org)’s imprisoned, Watanuki was created so that his parents will have a son (because if they didn’t have a son, time would be too messed up).

Now, the original Sakura’s dying, frozen in time, the warped Sakura’s captured by Fei wang, the original Shaoran is with the original Sakura, only to meet the cloned Shaoran, whose doesn’t have a heart (literally)!

If you are still confused, go and read chapters 201 to 204 again. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, forget about these spoilers and to reat Tsubasa resvoir chronicles, RIGHT NOW.


5 thoughts on “Manga extravaganza! First up: Tsubasa RC

  1. @saimaisama: It confused everyone. This was almost worse than Remember11!
    @Lenners: Oh no. If you just go and read wiki, then nothing’ll sink in and when you read you’ll be more confused than ever…….

  2. i stopped reading this at around chapter 190-something and holic around the same time (forgot the chapter) because i wanted to have this series finished before picking it up again because the confusion and annoyance with all the mysterious talk they do. i just read spoilers. but i’m glad it looks like things are wrapping up.

  3. Things are wrapping up, but the problem is that they seems to have been wrapping up for the last 20 or so chapters. At this rate, they could keep wrapping for another year!

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