Manga extravaganza: xxxholic

1001of course, one can’t write about Tsubasa without writing a little something for Xxxholic too.

After the latest chapters (167-169), I’m getting more and more impressed with CLAMP. Their ability to place plot devices early in the story and only using them years later is absolutely amazing. How ironic is it that he gave away his memories to Yuuko, only to go back to the shop later, trying to rid himself of his abilities, which were caused by his own guilt? And the first thing that he traded to her was the only thing that contained information about his parents!

Besides his connection to Shaoran, I’ve realized that CLAMP put a lot of pairs into these series: 2 Shaorans, 2 (okay, technically 3) Sakuras, Maru and Moro, 2 pairs of twins (Fai and Yui), 2 eggs, 2 opposing forces, 2 plates of chocolates, 2 lost eyes, being killed twice(Sakura), given a birthday twice (Shaoran), 2 pairs of wings (on Sakura), the 2 mokonas, the price of Watanuki’s life being shared by 2 people…

Ah, CLAMP never ceases to amaze me.

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