Magza: Negima

msn_c233_02After 200 chapters of wondering, we finally see why Nagi’s considered a hero. Ah, I’ve always been a bit of a fan girl for him, so this made me really happy.

Chapter 229 teases us with a message from Fate Tertium to Negi, which involves the truth from 10 years ago! The end of chapter 233 is a great cliffhanger which shows Asuna imprisoned even though we see her laughing with the rest of the gang at the same time elsewhere. With the way that events are implying, I’m thinking that everyone’s starting to get replaced by evil clones…. Nah, that’s too Rena-ish.


4 thoughts on “Magza: Negima

  1. Part of the reason I get so behind with anime is all the manga I check up on daily. I’m a total mangawhore!

    I knew, I knew if I just kept on reading my faith would finally be rewarded!

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