C74 goodie and artist: Kantoku!

It has been ages since I last did an artist post, but now I’m here to present to you, the talented, the amazing, the one, the only, Kantoku!

The reasons for this post:

#1: I just found scans (pt1, pt2) of his latest Doujin.

#2: He’s one of my favorite artists of all time who has a simple but effective style that always seem to look good (His site just had 10 million hits!)This guy hasn’t done too much work besides his doujins (his circle name is 5年目の放課後) and  a handful of games such as this.  His site is frequently updated and he draws a LOT of fan art, and he works pretty often as a feature artist in compilations such as aquarian age.  A large amount of his work is not worksafe, but I’ve avoided them to show you this small compilation of his art.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any good game CGs, maybe next time.


14 thoughts on “C74 goodie and artist: Kantoku!

  1. It must’ve taken ages to load all those scans! Candy to you for effort.

    Those drawings are incredible. Doesn’t look like “doujin” (amateur) work at all. It’s funny, because they beat a lot of the professional artists out there. I wonder how long it takes to complete one drawing? I’m very interested in knowing that.

  2. @Hoshi: Yuno?
    @Ryan: Sure, you’re welcome.
    @m12: doujin art only means that the art isn’t actually published by a company but printed by the artists themselves. Kantoku is actually a professional illustrator. I think that it only takes them a few hours for each drawing (Have you ever seen one of those drawing recording videos? It can’t take them more than 10 hours). It’s all due to experience, I suppose. I mean, I can probably make a basic sketch of a person in the time that you take to draw a stick person. It’s the same for them. They can produce fully colored illustrations in the time that it takes to thaw a chicken. Wait, that was a weird reference.

  3. You gotta love Kantoku’s style. He has a way of creating a really distinct soft nuance in all of his illustrations, not loud, or overbearing, just right. I’d drop a heavy wad of cash to be able to get ahold of some of his works from comiket, in person that is. O_O

    I heard the catalog for C75 is on sale now, hope to see more artist posts from you in the future.

  4. OMG! Choux, thanks for posting this…these types of posts(artist/author) ones are my faves; I always look forward to finding one of these.

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  7. I know they are your favorite artist , but common be more original….. look for UNDERGROUND ARTIST then mainstream. I know alot of underground manga artist that could so smoke most mainstreams.

    • First, have you seen some of my more recent artist posts?

      Second, so what?

      You can like them, sure, but I post because I feel like it, if you feel so strongly about those artists then write about them yourself. There are good artists who are professional and there are good artists that are what you would call “underground”, but you seem to fail to remember that Kantoku also started out with doujins. And another thing, I will never do art posts on artists do manga and nothing else. It’s a personal preference.

      I do regularly check for what I think you’d call “underground artists”. 300+ links to pixiv alone, and there are doujin circles I always keep an eye out for.

      I agree with you that a good number of artists who are not professional are better than the professionals. But there are artists who does crap in both catagories, and it’s not exactly “original” to prefer one type of garbage over another.

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