Ef a tale of melodies 8


1 sentence summary:  Yuuko and Yu elope, Kuze’s still in a state of angst-ness and sends Mizuki his broken violin, but in the end, YUUKO GOES WITH THE CREEPY EVIL BROTHER because of a simple MISUNDERSTANDING!

Ack, I’m so mad that I can’t write anything. I KNOW that they couldn’t stay happy together, I KNOW that there are still 5 episodes left, but damn it why can’t they just love who they want to love!

vlcsnap-170969vlcsnap-171923The production values weren’t that great in this episode save when Mizuki shows up. At least Nagi and Mizuki are friends now.


3 thoughts on “Ef a tale of melodies 8

  1. That must SUCK. I have a friend who has problems with her wireless(she has an on-again-off-again-love-hate relationship with it), she doesn’t get capped, but it would randomly turn so slow that it takes 10 minutes to load a picture.

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