logo-copyI started drawing, I saved it before closing it.

Then I realized that I saved it in jpg form.


13 thoughts on “NOOOOOOOO!

  1. Too bad that you lost some of your work, but that could have happened to anyone and is quite prevalent (proof). I like your sketch – it turned out very well 🙂 Colored version will be even better 🙂

  2. doesn’t it get blurry when you save in jpg? That sucks….

    I like it at this zoom though, you can’t really tell (or at least I cant).

  3. Aw man that is really sad indeed :(… It looked like an excellent picture, too. Well, take a break and have another go :)!

    One time I did an entire assignment, then accidentally deleted it. So yeah, I know how much it sucks. Ah, that was a long time ago…

  4. @Ryan A and Kitsune: Aww… Thanks…
    @lelangir: Oh, it’s not that. The problem is that I work with layers and you can’t save layers in jpg. I COULD still work with this, but since the lines and the color are all on the same layer, adjusting gets really annoying. Even if I want to do lineart, the color that’s already on there gives me problems. The best thing to do is just to scan it and clean it again, but that means I’ll lost all the color.
    @m12: I hate that. Speaking of which, I have an essay to type for tomorrow… crap.
    @Baka-Raptor: Dinosaurs are extremely difficult for me. Maybe, in a few years, I could try to attempt to draw dinosaurs with your level of confidence.

  5. Looks really cute!

    Gah sorry to hear you lost work, I know how frustrating it can be. I’m still an absolute beginner with GIMP so for the surgery diagrams I’m doing at work I had to switch to photoshop.

    Its annoying switching between both programs, because there are tools I like on both that of course they don’t both have.

    What program are you using? I know with GIMP you can’t really save in JPEG by accident because it will tell you that you need to flatten the image first, it saves automatically in XCF if you don’t change the format manually.

  6. @Tess: Thanks, I really like your drawings too.
    @Sakura: I hate having to switch back and fourth between things. Unbelievably, there are problems with my Microsoft office, and it can’t detect misspelled words! So, whenever I have to type something for school, I have to check the spelling with wordpress then put it back into word to print it! Oh, I was using photoshop by the way.

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