Umineko 3.0 released!

9f9b9cc8b81dba459b6601cic4Sure, it’s only half finished, but that’s still good news, right?


2 thoughts on “Umineko 3.0 released!

  1. Is this related to Higurashi somehow? The same author? I’m pretty interested. The artworks look nice! Better than the *cough cough* original Higurashi’s~

  2. This is related to higurashi, as it was written by the same person with that person doing the art. The music are even contributed by a lot of the same people. But the stories themselves are only loosely related. A few characters from higurashi appear there, but they are alternate versions of themselves.
    Unfortunately, that isn’t the official art, it’s only a fanart done by an artist named milk candy.
    Are you referring to the game art or the art of the first season? They were both pretty bad, but the art of Umineko grows on you, even if you don’t like it at all.

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