Clannad after story 8: Aww…

vlcsnap-201805Seriously, that’s what I was doing all episode: going “awww…” at everything. The NagisaxTomoya pairing used to be cute, but now they are downright adorable with powered sugar thrown over the whole thing. Kyoani moved the quality up another notch, and the episode looks absolutely stunning, not to mention the fact that it was very moving (I’m not the only who felt teary-eyed at the end of the episode, am I?)

1 sentence summary: Nagisa gets sick and ends up have to stay behind for yet ANOTHER year while Tomoya graduates.


vlcsnap-205885The moment I saw this I thought :” Oh no. No no no no no. NO……….!”

vlcsnap-206275Bye bye Kyou, I’ll miss you…

vlcsnap-206566I’ve really missed Button! And his 7 tricks are adorable, they remind of of Mokona’s 108 secret techniques.


Their relationship is so sweet that doughnuts are starting to taste salty.

vlcsnap-207999A studious Tomoya is fine too.


Just wait for a few hours, okay? I need to go and get some cake.


vlcsnap-209191Damn it, I want that pillow.


Sigh… bye bye everyone, this is probably the last time you guys’ll be together like this…


I love musical montages.


And things that come at the end of the musical montages.






Oh no, I know what happens after this and I REALLY don’t want it to happen. Why oh why did I read spoilers? I wish I hadn’t. But no matter what, my love for Clannad is as solid and absolute as Kyou’s dictionary, and I’m really looking forward to the next episode, which pretty much starts on the actual “After story”, which fans on various forums guaranteed that it would make absolutely anyone cry (if it was physically possible, that is).


4 thoughts on “Clannad after story 8: Aww…

  1. I loved this episode. The inserted music arrangement was good too (very cheesy, but I liked how they developed several key (bad pun is bad) themes/motifs that we always hear).

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