Ef the latter tale

latterI just started this on a whim. I should really be finishing Da capo II right now, but I just can’t bring myself to opening that game again (it’s much too long for its own good). I am a bit worried that playing the latter tale will have a negative effect on watching a tale of melodies, but I’ll just have to see much much of it I can get through before the season’s finished (the first tale was very short, but I don’t know how long this is).

You know, Chihiro’s REALLY cute, if I was a guy I’d call her… ah, who cares. Chihiro’s MOE. PURE MOE.

Also, Renji has some REALLY cheesy lines. For instance, he saw Chihiro like this: “in her doll-like perfection, [her eye patch,] instead of being something that took away her beauty, served to confirm that she was really there.” This feels like a direct clash with Fate stay night (which I just finished), where Shirou was thinking about sex whenever he was alone with a girl. Sigh… I wonder, would most guys react like Renji, or would they act like Shirou?


11 thoughts on “Ef the latter tale

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the voice acting for Renji is done by a woman, so that may give you a clue as to whether a man would react like Renji or not..

  2. Most guys would react like Shirou (if they’re alone with someone like Rider).

    “in her doll-like perfection, Rider’s blindfold, instead of being something that took away her beauty, served to confirm that she was really there.”

    I couldn’t picture myself saying that.

  3. @animekritik: It was a girl? Whew, thanks god there isn’t really a girl who’s that girly sounding…
    @deltazechs: yup.
    @baka-raptor: I can’t picture you saying that either. In fact, I’m starting to question if the script was really written by a man. How can any straight man think like that? They certainly don’t seem to in real life.

  4. I don’t have perverted thoughts when I see a cute girls. That’s not the way moe works ;)!

    And yeah Chihiro is the best. But for some reason Miyako gets all the merchandises in season one.

  5. Well…Shiro said himself that he’s a healthy boy of his age, so…you know, maybe (although Heaven’s Feel totally took me by surprise)

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  7. I sure couldn’t spout off cheesy lines like that myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think them up. I tried once or twice, but every time I said one, it sounded so insincere that I stopped trying :p

    So, I never really bothered to check, does that mean ef is based on a visual novel? If so, where can I find it, because I must have moar. DO WANT MOAR CHIHIRO :O

  8. @nazarielle: yes it is, and it’s possibly the only vn that was sold in 2 parts,the first tale and the latter tale. If you want it, google is your friend. The latter tale just came out this may, so it’s still fresh enough to easily find a place to get it.

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