Artist: Dmyo

One of the few Korean artists whose work often gets mistaken for Japanese, and his/her art happens to be featured in our current banner. I present to you, dmyo.


Although he/she is Korean, his/her art books have both Japanese and Korean in them, which leads me to think if it was even possible to have this style of art and not be  in Japan. However, that isn’t the purpose of this post, no, the purpose of this post is to give me a change to post a giant image spam of this great artist.

Anyway, he/she works in a doujin circle named Snow-ring, which has participated in a few of the recent comikets among other events. Their art books sell like hotcakes, and his/her smooth and adorable style is beloved among many countries.

A large amount of his/her work is NSFW, but I’ve avoided those. Some of the imgaes in this  gallery came from Hunting the elusive, but the majority came from random Chinese sites.

As far as I know, he/she hasn’t done any illustrations for any games, though there was a feature on a magazine. Though I’m confident we’ll be seeing more of this guy in the future.

I’ll be doing a Chinese artist next time, look forward to it!


19 thoughts on “Artist: Dmyo

  1. @kyouray: You’re welcome! And comon, some of the pictures are as close to nsfw as it can get without being actually nsfw.
    @xephfyre: Thank you, I wish you luck in stalking him.

  2. The eyes by dmyo is awesome, they all look like jewels. How the eyelashes are shaded the same colour as the top of the eye is an interesting technique; in some of the pictures it works, like the banner, and some others not so much.

    Thanks for the coverage and reply!

  3. Wow, I really like this artist’s style. Everything looks smooth as silk and the eyes are just gorgeous (eyes are really a selling point for me :p). I really like the one of the two girls in the sunflower field.

  4. @Rooked: Believe it or not I really enjoy writing these posts, so thanks makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside… There WAS this one picture of an android, and the eyes were made to actually look like glass. unfortunately the whole thing was overdone and ugly so I didn’t post it here. You never know, you might see it someday.
    @nazarielle: This summer when I was in China, the government locked up many stores, streets, and websites for the Olympics. So, when I got to the most well stocked anime related store in the city, it was closed with only a poster of those 2 girls and a sign of apology… Bad memories, bad memories…

  5. GOD, thank you for giving Dmyo a spotlight. I actually dig Korean artists quite a bit, and contrary to popular belief, Korean artists DO have a distinct style(the low key ones, not the professional productions.) Now if only the animation industry was as profitable in Korea, as Japan…that’d be something. I wish artists like Dmyo would appeal more to Koreans in general, who knows, maybe manhwa will make a breakout hit in the near future. Thanks for this post, I was itching for some good art, and I totally forgot about Dmyo.

  6. Why did you avoid the NSFW ones T_T? Just kidding XD.

    It’s really cool how you’ve picked an artist from outside of Japan. Often, an artist don’t get any love, just because they’re not Japanese. The same thing applies to doujin visual novels, etc. That sucks! So yeah, way to go!

  7. @sunggyu: Oh I know. When artists in Asia have this much trouble getting accepted it gives you the feeling that North american artists have no chance. Overall, I don’t really like the look of Manhua (so many of them have glittery eyes, giant lips, and skinny limbs), but I absolutely LOVE Korean clothes and how they are reflected in art.
    @m12: Yeah. As of right now I haven’t heard any English doujin vn that is actually well liked and known by the online community. Such a shame.

  8. @Sakura- Agreed, great stuff.

    Some other recs from my own personal library are just some manhwa that attempt to be a bit different and more daring than your typical manhwa.

    -Stuff by Lim Dal Young(Unbalance x2,Black God<-Which is getting animated in January btw, Zero)
    -Anything by Yoon Mi-Kyoung, if only for the art, author of Bride of the Water God.(although the story is a bit lacking)
    -Moon Boy(delicious art, not much else…)
    -Shin Angyo Onshi(gooooood stuff)
    -Immortal Regis
    -XS Hybrid
    -Yoo Ah Dok-Jon <-meh
    -Ciel <-really dig the art style

    A lot of those recs aren’t strictly limited to the manhwa style(i.e. you would never think these are manhwa at first), and many have adapted techniques that have been imported over from Japan(considering Koreans do quite a bit of the animating for Japanese production studios)Even so, each of those have a very unique style and carry a distinct feel, in terms of both art and story.

  9. Okay.

    Bride of the water god looks gorgeous.
    I’ve read black god before but never really got into it.
    Read moon boy for the great art (but the story makes no sense to me).
    Shin Angyo Onshi just can’t seem to keep my attention (it feels just like claymore)
    I haven’t read the rest but I’ll try them soon.

  10. Nice, nice…I’m guessing the artist never released any official artbooks? (official meaning available on amazon, not available in a Comiket that I wasn’t present at and will never be able to obtain ;_;)

  11. Heu…He/She hasn’t any deviantart?I’m searching for it :S.(I really need it,il will be verry happy if you could help me.)
    In any case,his/her drawings are soooooo beautiful :).
    Good night and week.(And i know,this post is old TT_TT,i wish you will see it.)
    PS:Sorry for my bad english,i’m not english.

    • It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m not English either lol. Anyway, no matter how old the post is, I get a notification about comments, so you can comment away, I’ll still see it. She doesn’t have a deviantart account, but you can check her out on her site, or her twitter account @dmyomyo

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