Ef a tale of melodies 9

Build up, build up, and more build up, that’s what this is I’m waiting to see what everyone’s reactions are, and they will be good.

vlcsnap-58181And I hate the new wordpress theme. The side bars are annoying and I can’t judge distances anymore. So  is the pictures are all messed up, it’s wordpress’s fault.

1 sentence summary: Amamiya kills himself by fire (which also burned Yuko’s dagger and Akane’s watch), and Mizuki issues  a challenge to Kuze, who realizes that he truly loves her and doesn’t want to die.vlcsnap-49532


Both of them have regrets, both of them love each other, both of them are bound to their past, both of them regret what they did. They are so similar, no wonder they fell in love.

It’s really ironic, though, that the one thing that Yuko was supposed to use to save herself is something that would only pull her closer to despair.



This was something that I thought was interesting. Strangely, both Yuko and Yu didn’t resist Amamiya’s attacks at all. The 2 of them clearly had the physical capabilities for it, so why not? Especially Yu, a teenage boy should not be rendered helpless THAT easily.


Okay,  for some reason, Amamiya thinks that Yuko looks just like his sister, and so does Yu. Did Amamiya see the picture of Yuko in the sketch book? Or did he see a picture of Akane? What’s the connection? Am I being paranoid by holding on to the notion that Yuko’s not human?


This scene dragged a bit, and the fire broke at least a few laws of physics, but the scene had great music and was very powerful. I am SO thankful that the creepy guy is gone, but this means that Yuko will have to choice but to receive custody from another adult.  I wonder who that’ll be…


The keys seem to play a key point in this story. I don’t know where Yuko and Yu were, but Yuko’s key ended up with Mizuki. I’m betting a tub of ice cream that Yuko had used the key and went up onto the roof with Mizuki before.


Aww… he loves her…

There’s still too much angst around of this guy, but I am just SO happy that he’s getting over it. The sooner that the writers tell us the power of love has healed all, the better.


Wait, how did Kuze meet her? Was he in Japan back then? Or did she go to him?


Well, we finally wee that Mizuki was running, not to chase Kuze, but to chase the paper airplane. Did she pick one up when she was little? Did she try to help Yuko? What HAPPENED?


So, Yu knows Mizuki. That’s no surprise, I’ve been expecting it from the start. But how did they meet? I have a theory:

Mizuki met Yuko by accident. Then she meets Yu and spends some time together with them, cementing their relationship.

Then Yuko dies in front of her, revealing that she’s not a human, but a ghost born of people’s desires all along.

Yu, through the power of love, gives his life to Kuze and joining Yuuko, while Kuze and Mizuki lives happily ever after.

Aw, who am I kidding? That’ll never happen.


5 thoughts on “Ef a tale of melodies 9

  1. This show’s starting to confuse me (the 2 Otowas and all). anyway, my favorite part of the ep was Amamiya’s voice actor while he tried to paint. I thought the mad, shaky voice outdid the actual animation of Amamiya.

  2. correction — mizuki didn’t have her own key. both chihiro (who obtained it through renji from himura) and kei (who obtained it through kyosuke, through miyako, through hirono, through hirono’s older sister, and i’m guessing yuuko was the one who started this) obtained it. yeah. so i think the keys have gone through a cycle where all the characters have been in possession of it…the fact that mizuki has both of them really means something big is going to happen.

  3. The fire scene was beautiful, in a disturbing sort of way; heart-wrenching music as well.

    Also, it never occurred to me before, but those keys sure traveled far, didn’t they? I suppose they’re yet another one of the commonly used symbols in the story.

  4. @eternal: Only one of them has traveled, or maybe the 2 keys are the same and both of them has traveled, going back and fourth. OR neither of them has traveled at all because the second Otowa’s a rip in the fabric of reality. That’s so confusing.
    Either way, that was an epic journey. Kinda like the epic journey people’s emotions had to go through before Yu could find Yuko.

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